Trek Fetch+ 2: The Ultimate E-Cargo Bike for Family and Cargo

Compact, Powerful, Customizable, Family-Friendly, Smart

In the spirit of an adventurous journey, imagine setting off through the bustling streets and serene paths of your city, weaving tales of discovery and connection, all aboard a vessel that's not just a means of transport but a companion in your urban explorations. This is where the Trek Fetch+ 2, a compact electric cargo bike, comes into play, transforming mundane commutes and errands into delightful escapades with your loved ones.

Crafted with the finesse of a seasoned traveler, the Fetch+ 2 is a marvel of design that marries the power of modern technology with the simplicity of traditional biking. At its heart lies a robust Bosch smart system, a beacon of innovation that propels you forward with a gentle yet formidable force, allowing you to carry up to 175lbs of cargo effortlessly. This isn't just a bike; it's a stalwart steed equipped for the diverse demands of family life, ready to adapt with you through the ever-shifting landscape of your needs.

The journey with Fetch+ 2 is one of ease and enjoyment. Its sturdy aluminum frame, akin to the robust yet graceful gait of a well-traveled companion, supports a wide array of journeys, from the daily hustle to leisurely weekend rides. The Bosch PowerTube battery and Performance Line CX drive system stand as testaments to the bike's vigor, ensuring you glide through cityscapes with the grace of a river coursing through ancient lands.

The essence of this bike is not just in its ability to transport but in the experiences it fosters. With the smart integration of a Smartphone Grip, your connectivity to the world and your loved ones remains uninterrupted, making every ride a shared adventure. The Shimano Deore drivetrain and hydraulic brakes ensure that your journey is as smooth as the narrative of a well-spun yarn, with every stop and start woven seamlessly into the fabric of your travels.

Beyond its technical prowess, the Fetch+ 2 is a canvas for personal expression. With customizable options for seating and cargo, it invites you to mold it into a reflection of your life's story, accommodating your children, pets, and treasures collected along the way. The addition of a family pack kit or pannier sets allows you to carry your world with you, making every outing a chapter in your shared family saga.

This bike stands as a testament to the joy of shared journeys, offering a stable and confident ride that turns every errand into a chance for discovery. The convenience of an adjustable seat, ergonomic grips, and a dual-pivot kickstand underscores the thoughtfulness woven into its design, ensuring your focus remains on the stories unfolding around you.

In essence, the Trek Fetch+ 2 is not merely a bike; it's a vessel for stories, a catalyst for connection, and a testament to the joy of shared journeys. It invites you to embrace the world with open arms and wheels ready to roll, turning every ride into a narrative rich with the sights, sounds, and souls of the city.


  1. Powerful Electric Assist: Equipped with a Bosch smart system and Performance Line CX drive system, it offers a significant boost, making it easier to carry heavy loads up to 175lbs.
  2. Versatile Cargo Options: The ability to customize with family pack kits, pannier kits, and child seat adapters allows for a wide range of cargo and passenger configurations.
  3. High-Quality Components: Features a sturdy aluminum frame, a 500Wh Bosch PowerTube battery, a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain, and 4-piston hydraulic brakes for reliable performance.
  4. Stable and Confident Handling: Best-in-class handling and stability ensure a comfortable ride, even when fully loaded.
  5. Smart Connectivity: The SmartPhone Grip display enhances the riding experience by offering convenient connectivity and charging on the go.
  6. Safety Compliance: Meets the latest e-bike safety regulations, including UL 2849 certification, ensuring a safe ride.


  1. Cost: High-quality components and advanced features may make it more expensive than traditional bikes or simpler e-bikes.
  2. Weight: The robust construction and added features for stability and cargo capacity might make it heavier than standard bicycles, potentially affecting portability.
  3. Complexity for Beginners: The advanced tech features and customization options could be overwhelming for those new to e-bikes.
  4. One Size Fits Most: While designed to accommodate a wide range of riders, it may not provide the perfect fit for everyone, particularly those at the extreme ends of height and size spectra.
  5. Accessory Costs: Essential accessories like the family pack kit, pannier kits, and child seat adapters are sold separately, which could increase the overall investment.


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