Train Harder with NoBull Gum Trainer+’s Durable and Supportive Design

Durable, comfortable, versatile, supportive, high-performing

In the diverse world of functional training, there are certain pieces of gear that speak to the heart of the matter, cut through the clamor, and deliver pure, unadulterated performance. This piece right here – the NoBull Gum Trainer+ – is one such marvel. It's like the Swiss Army knife of training shoes, designed with the artistry and subtlety of a master craftsman.

Designed as a multipurpose trainer, this pair begs to be put through the grind of high-impact workouts. They're as robust as a pair of old boots, thanks to the SuperFabric® upper, which not only has a longevity that would give redwoods a run for their money, but it's breathable too – an essential characteristic if you like to push the boundaries of your workout regime.

The comfort level is paramount. The cushioning is not just optimal; it's like a lavish sofa for your feet, even as they absorb the force of your workout or a long day on your feet. These shoes just might be the key to your feet and body feeling grateful at the end of a long, hard session.

The focus on stability is impressive. The upper materials are supportive, the drop is low, and the toe box is wider, all of which contribute to a stable stance, letting you find your footing even in the most demanding workout scenarios.

All these impressive features are wrapped up in an impressive package. Durable water repellent coating, carbon rubber outsole, sidewall guards, and a toe bumper – all to offer the maximum protection possible. It's as if it was designed by a team of protective parents. And for you, night owls, they've got you covered with reflective branding for visibility.

This trainer+ lineup from Nobull offers an impressive upgrade to the original Trainers, with particular focus on traction and cushioning. Perfect for you HIIT enthusiasts or those partial to agility-based workouts. The herringbone outsole pattern delivers exceptional grip while the enhanced cushioning keeps you comfortable from the warm-up to the cool-down.

One thing that stands out is the increased width in key areas, a subtle but beneficial adjustment to the fit, but without creating too much space inside. It's like having your shoe cake and eating it too.

The question of high-top versus low-profile is one for personal preference. While I have a soft spot for the high-top cut, the low profile gives your ankles the freedom to move, especially essential for those tricky ladder drills. Not to mention, if quick transitions are part of your routine, the high-top can take a bit longer to get into and out of.

In essence, the NoBull Gum Trainer+ is a blend of top-notch performance, durability, and versatility. It's well-suited for the robust demands of functional fitness, offering a level of quality that justifies the price tag. It's a no-nonsense, no compromise shoe for the athlete who demands the very best. Strap these on, and you're ready to meet any workout challenge head-on.


  1. Versatility: These shoes can take on a variety of workouts, from high-impact routines to extensive standing, making them a great companion for any athlete.
  2. SuperFabric® Upper: The one-piece upper combats abrasion effectively, promising a long-lasting wear even under harsh conditions.
  3. Optimal Cushioning: Designed with high-intensity exercises in mind, the cushioning ensures comfort, especially when your feet absorb the force of such workouts.
  4. Stability: Supportive materials, a low drop, and a wider toe box stabilize your stance and help you maintain your footing during challenging exercises.
  5. Durable Design: The combination of a water repellent coating, carbon rubber outsole, sidewall guards, and a toe bumper make these shoes ready for rough and tumble.
  6. Upgraded Features: The improved traction and enhanced cushioning provide excellent value for a slight increase in price from the base model.


  1. Potential Fit Issues: While the Trainer+ silhouette is wider in certain areas for a better fit, it might not suit everyone's foot shape or could provide too much internal space for some.
  2. High-Top Version: Although supportive, the high-top variant might restrict ankle mobility during certain exercises, and can be more time-consuming to put on and take off.
  3. Price: At $139, the price point could be a barrier for some, especially for those new to fitness and hesitant to make a large investment in training shoes.
  4. Visibility: Despite the reflective branding, it might not provide sufficient visibility for some users, especially those exercising in low-light conditions.


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