TinyVroum’s CapsulBike: Elevate Your Bikepacking Experience with All-in-One Luxury

E-Bike Trailer with Full Amenities

On the open road, where adventure awaits and the wind plays with your hair, it's not just a bike trail that beckons but a call to freedom. There’s a longing that seeps into your bones, especially when you've got the e-bike's hum, urging you onward, into the great unknown. But what if that call to freedom could be answered with not only the thrill of the journey but also a touch of comfort? A little extravagance, even in the rugged embrace of the wild?

Enter the CapsulBike, a creation from French startup TinyVroum. Now, imagine if a caravan and an electric bike had a love affair and produced an offspring that encapsulates the best of both worlds. A trailer that's light, compact, and comes with a kitchen and bathroom for that touch of luxury on the open trail. You're not just thinking about a camping trip; you're envisioning an expedition with flair.

Picture this: you're cycling through breathtaking landscapes, and as the day turns into a cool evening, you pull up to a secluded spot. The CapsulBike unfolds itself, and suddenly, you're not just a traveler but a connoisseur of life. A 152-pound trailer (69 kg) that stretches to a modest 9.2 feet in length (2.8 m) becomes your intimate space under the stars. And it's built with CNC-machined composite panels, standing at 4.6 feet tall (1.4 m), awaiting your embrace.

Sleeping on the ground? Not when you've got a solo memory foam mattress at your beck and call, crowned with a sleeping bag. A triangular window lets the sun's morning rays kiss your face awake, and at night, a front overhead window whispers stories of the stars.

But let's not stop at dreaming. The CapsulBike knows your need for sustenance. A small folding coffee table, an ultralight aluminum kitchen kit with a backpacking canister stove, and a 12-liter thermoelectric mini-fridge stand ready for your culinary experiments. And yes, if your heart desires, there's a low backpacking chair, inviting you to savor your meal with elegance.

And if you think that’s indulgent, there's more. The CapsulBike, not content with offering just the essentials, provides a full wet bathroom. A pop-up outdoor privacy tent complete with a roof-mounted solar shower system and folding toilet stocked with biodegradable waste bags. It's a dance with decadence, even in the wild.

Should the night call for some entertainment, TinyVroum has it covered with a mobile projector and collapsible screen, powered by an onboard 50-Ah lithium battery charged with a 140-W solar panel. A nice bottle of wine, perhaps?

Oh, and the CapsulBike's aesthetic? Think of it as a shrink-rayed version of its sub-1,000-lb car-towed micro-camping trailer sibling. Smaller, simpler, but shaped with love.

Now, let's talk about the price tag: $4,275. It's not a whimsical expense but an investment in your love affair with the road, especially when it comes wrapped with an award at the 2023 Concours Lepine Paris invention competition. In fact, the CapsulBike seems almost reasonable compared to others in its class, considering the richness it brings to the table.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. For the ardent traveler who loves to be kissed by adventure but also desires a gentle embrace of comfort, the CapsulBike is a melody composed with you in mind. It's more than a trailer; it's a symphony for your soul. Because on that winding road, where dreams and reality meet, the CapsulBike whispers, “Why not have it all?” And really, why not?


  1. Comprehensive Features: Equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping quarters, and even entertainment options, the CapsulBike offers all the amenities of a larger RV in a compact form.
  2. Lightweight Design: Weighing in at 152 lbs (69 kg), it's an efficient solution for e-bikes, blending mobility with convenience.
  3. Innovative Space Utilization: Its clever use of space provides a roomy single-person cabin, dining area, and compact bathroom. There’s even the option to expand into a two-sleeper.
  4. Eco-friendly Options: Solar panel and battery integration, coupled with biodegradable waste bags, show a nod to environmental considerations.
  5. Affordable Pricing: With a price of $4,275, it provides a luxurious touch to biking expeditions without breaking the bank.
  6. Award-winning Design: Its recognition at the 2023 Concours Lepine Paris invention competition adds credence to its design and functionality.


  1. Size Constraints: Though innovatively designed, the compact dimensions might not suit everyone's comfort needs, particularly for extended trips.
  2. Limited Accessibility: As of now, deliveries are restricted to France and Belgium, hindering wider availability.
  3. Possibly Challenging for Non-electric Bikes: The weight, though light for an e-bike trailer, might still pose challenges if used with non-electric bikes.
  4. Dependency on Weather for Solar Features: The solar-powered features might be limited in regions with less sun exposure or during seasons with minimal sunlight.
  5. Potential Complexity: With so many integrated features, there might be a learning curve and potential maintenance considerations for keeping everything functioning smoothly.

The CapsulBike, in essence, represents a thoughtful step towards luxurious bikepacking. For those who value the blend of adventure and comfort, it’s a promising choice. However, considerations regarding space, weight, and complexity may need to be weighed depending on individual preferences and biking styles.


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