The Ultimate Trail Companion: Evoc Trail Pro SF 12’s High-Impact Protection

Lightweight, High-Protection, Comfortable, Functional Backpack

You know, life on two wheels can be an unpredictable adventure. It can feel as though you're chasing the horizon and dancing with gravity all at once. And when you're out there, ripping through a mountain trail, it's essential to be equipped with gear that's not just efficient but also reliable, and designed to fit just right. That's where the Evoc Trail Pro SF 12 comes in.

This rucksack is a featherweight titan, tipping the scales at just 990 grams. But don't let its lithe profile fool you. This compact powerhouse is packed to the brim with features tailored for those ambitious mountain bikers who find joy and freedom in the thrill of the ride.

Think about it. You're out there, the world becomes a blur of greens and browns, and all you've got is the path ahead and the rhythm of your heart to keep you company. You don't need distractions. You don't need discomfort. You need gear that knows you, that moves with you. Enter the Body Hugging fit of the Trail Pro SF 12. This is an intelligent design feature that places the backpack's centre of gravity as close to your body as possible, ensuring that the load isn't a burden but becomes a part of you.

If you've been blessed with a compact frame, this rucksack has got you covered. It's especially designed for cyclists with a torso length of 33-37 cm. The Brace Link system works its magic by adjusting the shoulder belts to perfectly fit your shoulders' width. It's like this pack was made just for you.

That's not all. This trail companion brings function and innovation to the forefront. From its tool compartment that can be operated single-handedly even with gloves on, to its hip belt pouch for those easy-to-reach necessities, to its hydration system compartment with a capacity of up to 2 liters, this rucksack is crafted with your needs in mind.

The most compelling feature of this bag is the Liteshield Plus Back Protector. A marvel of ergonomic design, it's lightweight and flexible, offering a Level 2 impact protection by absorbing 95% of the impact energy. It's like having a guardian angel looking after your back.

In my experience, comfort is everything, and this rucksack doesn't let you down. The Airo Flex technology ensures that while the load is effectively transferred to your hips, the ventilation remains optimal for the highest level of carrying comfort.

And let's not forget the little details that make a big difference: multifunctional loops for your gear, a pocket for your sunglasses, a handy mobile phone compartment, even a signal whistle for emergencies. It's clear that every element of the Trail Pro SF 12 has been thoughtfully designed.

In a nutshell, the Evoc Trail Pro SF 12 is a trailblazer's best friend. It's a symbiosis of protection, comfort, and thoughtful design that offers more than just a space to stash your stuff; it's an investment in your journey, your adventure, and ultimately, your freedom.


  1. Lightweight and Compact: At only 990 grams and with a compact structure, the Evoc Trail Pro SF 12 won't weigh you down on the trail. It's light as a feather but built tough for rugged adventures.
  2. High-Level Protection: The LITESHIELD PLUS BACK PROTECTOR offers Level 2 impact protection by absorbing 95% of the impact energy, giving you peace of mind while you ride.
  3. Superior Fit: The BODY HUGGING design positions the backpack's centre of gravity close to your body, ensuring a snug fit. The BRACE LINK further adjusts the shoulder belts to your shoulder width, offering personalised comfort.
  4. Hydration System Compartment: The HYDRATION SYSTEM COMPARTMENT that can accommodate up to 2 liters of fluid ensures you remain hydrated throughout your journey.
  5. Convenience and Functionality: It features various compartments such as a one-hand operable TOOL COMPARTMENT, a HIP BELT POUCH, a SUNGLASSES POCKET, and a MOBILE PHONE POCKET, which enhances the user's convenience.
  6. Breathable Material: The use of AIRO FLEX material ensures maximum ventilation and load transfer to the hips, providing comfort during long rides.


  1. Price: At €220, the Evoc Trail Pro SF 12 is a bit on the expensive side. It's an investment, no doubt, but might be a con for some budget-conscious riders.
  2. Size Specific: While the size specificity can be a plus for riders with short torsos (33-37 cm), it may limit the product's usability for those who don't fit into this range.
  3. Limited Color Options: As of now, the Evoc Trail Pro SF 12 comes only in a multicolor variant. Lack of color options may not appeal to some consumers.
  4. Hydration Bladder Not Included: Although it has a HYDRATION SYSTEM COMPARTMENT, the bladder itself isn't included in the package. This means an additional purchase is necessary for those who need it.
  5. Limited Storage: With a 12-liter storage capacity, this backpack might not provide enough space for riders who prefer carrying a significant amount of gear.


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