The Single Iglusauna by Iglucraft: Your Personal Sanctuary for Health and Well-being

Unique sauna for active relaxation

Picture this. You've just wrapped up a long day of hiking, your muscles are aching, and you're yearning for a sanctuary, a place to relax and rejuvenate. Your eyes are drawn to an intriguing, perfectly round structure nestled in the scenery. It's the Single Iglusauna.

As you step inside this haven, warmth envelops you. The room is surprisingly spacious, comfortably accommodating four people, making it the perfect retreat for an active group of friends. A symphony of spruce and aspen shingles embraces you, their natural beauty enhanced by an intriguing contrast of black flooring. The intimacy of the space is accentuated by small, non-opening windows, creating a cozy retreat from the world outside. The room boasts a usable area of 42 square feet, contained within a larger footprint of 48 square feet. The structure is impressively sturdy, weighing in at almost 2000 lbs.

In the heart of this sanctuary, you're presented with a choice: a HUUM electrical stove or a Stoveman wood-fired stove. Both options promise an immersive steaming experience that isn't just a treat for your tired muscles, but a boon to your overall health and well-being. The soft glow of LED lights enhances the atmosphere, while natural ventilation ensures that the environment remains comfortable.

The Single Iglusauna isn't just about relaxation, it's about transformation. Here, you can disconnect from the bustle of daily life and connect with yourself. It's a space to reflect, to dream, to remember the things that make you, you. Do you remember the last time you were truly with yourself, or with those important to you? This is a sanctuary where you can do just that.

And the aesthetic? You can choose between four exterior paint options: chestnut, hazel, ebony, and gray. The interior offers either a smoke sauna black or natural finishing.

This retreat isn't a necessity, it's a luxury. It's a token of self-love, a testament to your active lifestyle, a reward you owe to yourself. So, after your next challenging hike or vigorous workout, consider the Single Iglusauna. Not just for the warmth it provides, but for the transformation it promises. And remember, it's not just about taking time, it's about taking time for yourself.

Pros of the Single Iglusauna:

  1. Unique Design: The Iglusauna has a distinctive, perfectly round shape that stands out in any environment, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.
  2. Health and Wellness: The sauna experience is known for numerous health benefits including improved circulation, stress relief, and muscle relaxation, making it an excellent addition for individuals with an active lifestyle.
  3. High-Quality Materials: The use of spruce and aspen shingles, along with a black wooden floor, offers a natural and durable construction.
  4. Capacity: The sauna can comfortably accommodate four people, making it ideal for small groups or families.
  5. Choice of Stove: Customers can choose between a wood-fired and electrical stove, allowing them to tailor the sauna experience to their preference.
  6. Color Options: The sauna comes in four different exterior paints and two interior finishes, allowing customization to suit personal taste or match existing environments.

Cons of the Single Iglusauna:

  1. Price: With a price tag of €12,900, the Single Iglusauna is a significant investment. It may not be within the budget for everyone.
  2. Small Windows: The small, non-opening windows could limit the view of the surrounding environment and may create a feeling of confinement for some users.
  3. Limited Mobility: Weighing 900kg (almost 2000 lbs), the sauna is quite heavy. This could limit its mobility and make transportation challenging.
  4. Maintenance: The sauna, particularly the wood-fired stove variant, may require regular maintenance for optimal performance and longevity.
  5. Size: While spacious enough for four people, for larger groups the sauna might feel cramped.
  6. Installation: Depending on the location and available utilities, installation might be a challenge and could incur additional costs.


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