The Pop- Cycle collapsible bike features a slide-in/slide-out frame

Transform Your Commute with the Innovative POP-CYCLE Folding Bike

The POP-CYCLE is a unique folding bike that offers a comfortable and portable solution for bikers. Unlike conventional foldable bikes that require physical holding and carrying, the POP-CYCLE has a sliding body that allows the user to adjust the frame spacing according to their body size. This adjustability makes it suitable for anyone of any age or gender to ride in their best comfort.

The POP-CYCLE can be folded in just 4 seconds, making it much faster and easier to fold than other products on the market. With a folding efficiency of 78%, the bike can be stored in narrow spaces and easily placed in the back of a car trunk. The handles and pedals can be folded with a single touch, and the bike can be carried with wheels on the floor even after folding, making it highly portable.

The bike's mobility is well-demonstrated when using any form of public transportation. It also features an eco-friendly die casting method that avoids welding and helps to lower material costs. The frames are assembled with bolts and nuts, giving users the joy of building something up from the ground.

The POP-CYCLE has 16-inch wheels that provide an average speed of 12MPH(20km/h). However, the bike's unique mechanism is designed for the wheels to rotate twice the rounds to provide the average speed of 20MPH(30km/h), just like 20-inch wheels. The dual speed gear allows users to commute on the road or go up hills without any burden, providing more freedom to travel wherever they'd like.

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