The HiPEAK ELIAS Folding e-Bike: Master of Hills and Long Distance Trails

Powerful, Long-Range, Versatile, Folding E-Bike

Ah, the world is always full of surprises, isn't it? For instance, today we have the HiPEAK ELIAS 48V Step-Thru Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike. It's not a plate of piquant pozole or a smoky glass of Scotch, but it's got its own charm. If you're a wanderer at heart, you might just appreciate the freedom it offers.

A bike with a motor that purrs like a contented cat – 750 watts of raw power that can carry you up the most stubborn hills with the grace of a mountain goat. That's 50% more gusto than your average folding e-bike. This beauty doesn't just glide, it conquers.

But what about space, you might wonder? You see, the ELIAS is no space-hogging beast. No, it's a chameleon, a transformer. It's got a folding frame that can easily fit into the snug corner of an apartment, or the trunk of an SUV. It's all about adaptability, this one.

The heart of this beast – the 48V 15Ah Lithium battery – is a marvel of endurance. At full strength, it promises a range of up to 60 miles. That's the equivalent of biking from Manhattan to Montauk, without a single recharge! As for the charging time, it's a quick 5-6 hours – just enough to enjoy a decent night's sleep or a leisurely brunch and a stroll.

And then, there's the smart display – the nerve center, if you will. An intuitive interface that tells you everything you need to know, from the life of the battery to how far you've pedaled. It's a dashboard for life's adventures.

Built to carry riders from 4'10” to 6'2″ and up to 350 lbs, this is no dainty, delicate creature. It's sturdy, like the rusted-out trucks of my youth, but lighter, swifter, and silent as a ghost. Its thick fat tires laugh in the face of rough terrain, and the solid 6061 aluminum frame promises durability.

Of course, like any good journey, it isn't perfect. The pure electric range is a tad limited at 35-40 miles, but with the pedal-assist feature, it stretches up to 60 miles. A decent trade-off if you ask me, and a great incentive to get those leg muscles working.

Now, if you're asking whether the HiPEAK ELIAS is worth its $1,299 asking price… Well, if you've got a wandering spirit and an insatiable curiosity, I'd say this might be one of the best ways to explore the world around you, in comfort and style. No culinary delights or intoxicating beverages included, but there's plenty of room in the rear rack for those.


  1. Powerful Motor: The 750W high-power motor is significantly stronger than many folding e-bikes on the market, providing more speed and the ability to easily tackle uphill climbs.
  2. Folding Frame: The ability to fold the bike makes it highly versatile and easy to store, whether you live in an apartment or plan to travel with it in an SUV or RV.
  3. Long Battery Life: With a 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion battery, this e-bike boasts a longer range compared to many competitors, allowing for trips up to 50-60 miles per charge.
  4. Smart Display: The multifunctional smart display offers real-time metrics including battery capacity, odometer, speedometer, wattmeter, and pedal assist level.
  5. Rugged Construction: The fat tires and durable 6061 Aluminum Frame offer a robust build, perfect for traversing rough terrains and supporting riders up to 350 lbs.
  6. Variable Pedal Assist: The 7-level intelligent pedal assist allows you to adjust the level of assistance you want when pedaling, offering flexibility in how you ride.


  1. Weight: Weighing over 61 pounds, it might be a bit heavy for some people to handle, especially when folding and transporting it.
  2. Pure Electric Range: The pure electric range of 35-40 miles is a bit on the lower side compared to the pedal-assist range. If you prefer riding without pedaling, you may find yourself recharging more frequently.
  3. Charging Time: It takes 5-6 hours to fully charge the battery. While not excessively long, there are e-bikes in the market that offer faster charging times.
  4. Price: At $1,299, the HiPEAK ELIAS is a significant investment. While its robust features and high-quality build may justify the price, it might be out of budget for some.
  5. Mechanical Disc Brakes: While functional, mechanical disc brakes can require more maintenance and aren't as effective in all weather conditions as their hydraulic counterparts.
  6. Size Limitations: With a recommended rider height of 4'10” to 6'2″, those who fall outside of this range might not find the bike as comfortable or as easy to ride.

Overall, the HiPEAK ELIAS 48V Step-Thru Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike offers an excellent blend of power, versatility, and advanced features. However, as with any product, it's essential to consider your individual needs, preferences, and budget before making a purchase.

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