The Fenix by Officina Battaglin: Where Classic Steel Meets E-Bike Innovation

Fully custom-made steel e-road bike

In the echoing halls of cycling history, one could argue that the spirit of the sport lives and breathes in the very steel that builds its bikes. And as the wheel of time turned for former Giro winner Giovanni Battaglin, his heart – that once mighty engine – seemed to come to a halt. The weight of his cardiologist's words was heavier than any mountain pass he ever encountered. But in adversity, some discover a pathway that wasn't apparent before.

And so began the quest for an e-bike, but not just any e-bike. Giovanni yearned for the very soul of steel to merge with the innovation of electric power. Out of this dream, the Fenix was conceived – a steel e-road bike, mirroring the grace and beauty of traditional road bikes, while silently harnessing the strength of modern technology.

From a distance, the Fenix from Officina Battaglin could pass as one of their signature fillet-brazed models. Its silhouette remains faithful to the elegant curves of classic road bikes, with a Columbus GB81 oversized steel tubing design. But as one peers closer, they might notice the discreet FSA hub-based motor that seamlessly melds behind the cassette, and the battery, perfectly concealed within the downtube.

The Fenix promises not just an effortless ride, but also the ease of access to its power-assist modes. A proprietary stem from Officina Battaglin houses a stylish button, ensuring a quick transition between power modes without distracting from the road ahead.

What makes this offering even more intriguing is its exclusivity. In 2023, only thirty custom Fenix e-bikes will see the light of day. This limited run is a testament to Officina Battaglin’s commitment to craftsmanship. To purchase one is not merely acquiring a piece of machinery but embarking on a journey with the makers, from the first weld to the final polish. Every stage of the crafting process is shared, making the cyclist a part of the Fenix's story.

The Fenix comes exclusively as a complete build and is compatible solely with Shimano or SRAM electronic groupsets. Each detail, from the custom cromovelato finishing to the Vision SL disc wheels, speaks volumes about the careful thought and precision invested in its creation. And as a seal of its authentic lineage, a certificate signed by Giovanni Battaglin accompanies it.

Priced at 9,900 €, the Fenix is undeniably an investment. But for those within the EU who value the union of traditional artisanship and cutting-edge technology, it represents a unique opportunity. This is not just a bike; it's a statement. It’s Giovanni's ode to resilience and adaptability; a symbol of rising anew, just as the mythical phoenix does from the ashes.

To ride the Fenix is to be a part of a legacy. It's a bridge between generations, where the old world charm of steel meets the new age promise of e-bikes. For the true cycling connoisseur, the Fenix is more than a bike; it's an experience, waiting to be embraced.


  1. Soul of Steel: The Fenix is constructed using Columbus GB81 steel tubing, offering the ride quality and elegance of a traditional steel bike.
  2. Custom Build: Tailored to an individual's measurements, the Fenix ensures a perfect fit for every rider.
  3. Limited Edition: Only 30 units will be produced in 2023, enhancing its exclusivity and ensuring high quality.
  4. Integrated Technology: The discreet FSA hub-based motor and battery concealed in the downtube allow for the electric assistance without compromising aesthetics.
  5. Interactive Building Experience: Buyers are involved in the crafting process, from inception to completion, making the purchase deeply personal.
  6. Authenticity Guaranteed: Comes with a certificate signed by Giovanni Battaglin, reinforcing its lineage and pedigree.
  7. Aesthetic Design: The cromovelato finish and proprietary stem design ensure that the bike isn't just functional, but also a piece of art.


  1. Price Point: Starting at €9,900, the Fenix might be out of reach for many potential buyers.
  2. Geographic Limitation: The Fenix is not available for sale outside the EU, restricting its accessibility.
  3. Compatibility Restrictions: It’s only compatible with Shimano or SRAM electronic groupsets, limiting customization options.
  4. Maintenance Concerns: With such a blend of classic materials and modern technology, specialized maintenance may be required, potentially leading to higher long-term costs.

Starting €9,900

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