The All-New 2024 Canyon Grail Brings Gravel Racing to Life

Sculpted for Gravel Riding Excellence

Embracing the gusty trails and the dusty paths of the unknown, behold the 2024 Canyon Grail, a piece of kinetic poetry for those whose hearts pulse for the unexplored. The whisper of wheels against the loose earth, the subtle shifting of gears, and the rhythm of your heartbeat intertwining with the crackling gravel below create a symphony that echos through open landscapes.

The all-new Grail doesn’t merely navigate these serene yet treacherous terrains; it dances upon them with aerodynamic elegance and unyielding grit. Aerodynamic tube shapes weave through the wind, conserving precious energy with a promising 9.1 watts saved at a brisk 45 km/h. Every curve, every angle is sculpted not just for motion, but for the poetry of fluidity in the wilderness. It's a modern steed for the gritty soul who craves both speed and harmony with the elements.

A noticeable feature, the unique Double Decker handlebar, translates the assurance of a road bike while cradling you in an embrace of comfort and control amidst the ever-shifting gravel. Your hands gracefully find solace in four different positions, allowing you to dance through changing terrains while the flexible carbon finesses vibrations, caressing your journey with up to seven times more vertical absorption than your traditional road cockpit.

Let’s take a moment to admire the ingenuity of the Aero Load System, seamlessly integrated with a downtube Hatch and a Load Fidlock Quickloader bag, delivering not just capacity but a whisper of aerodynamic craftsmanship. This Grail doesn’t only carry your essentials; it shields them with an aesthetic that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

The gravel beneath your wheels tells a story, and high-volume 40 mm Schwalbe G-One R all-terrain tires are the authors, transcribing your journey as they gently skim across loose terrains and steadfastly roll over the obstinate. Such a delicate equilibrium between floating and rolling is the secret whisper of all worthwhile adventures.

With seven sizes to choose from, every adventurer, whether of modest stature or towering height, finds a chariot that’s meticulously crafted for them. The geometry, deliberately gravel-specific, delivers an optimal blend of comfort, control, and swiftness, ensuring a balanced riding position that transforms both agility and stability into your trusty companions.

In your hands, you find the reins of wireless shifting performance, accentuated by high-end, gravel-specific groupsets that make every transition, every subtle command from your fingers, an act of seamless alchemy. The technology is invisible yet palpably present in every journey.

As we glance towards the horizon, the 2024 Grail silently promises more than just a ride; it's a pact between machine and the boundless, between human and the unearthly vastness of the wild. With each turn of the wheel, the Grail doesn’t just traverse; it composes a rhythmic ballet across myriad terrains, under the golden embrace of the sun or the silent watch of the moon, it whispers tales of adventures yet to come. So, let’s ride into the storybooks together, carving our paths through the chapters of the untamed. And in the Grail, find not just a bicycle but a steadfast companion whispering the ancient tales of the gravel beneath and the sky above.


  1. Aerodynamic Excellence: The bike’s aerodynamic tube shapes offer notable energy savings, specifically a saving of 9.1 watts at 45 km/h, making it efficient in race conditions and long rides.
  2. Ergonomic and Comfortable Design: The unique Double Decker handlebar provides multiple hand positions and superior vibration absorption, which enhances comfort and control on varying terrains.
  3. Versatility: The Grail proves adept on both smooth asphalt and challenging gravel, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride in diverse conditions.
  4. Aero Load System: The integrated Aero Load System with a downtube Hatch and Load Fidlock Quickloader bag offers convenient storage without compromising aerodynamics.
  5. Proven Track Record: The Grail comes with an impressive palmarès, including championships and podium finishes, indicating its competitiveness and reliability in racing conditions.
  6. High-Quality Tyres: The 40 mm Schwalbe G-One R all-terrain tyres are designed to efficiently handle a variety of surfaces and terrains.
  7. Wireless Shifting Technology: The use of high-end, gravel-specific groupsets allows for precise and smooth gear shifting.
  8. Size Variety: With a broad size range available, it caters to a wide array of riders, ensuring an optimal fit for diverse body types.


  1. Price Range: With US models ranging from $2699 to $8999, the Grail may not be financially accessible to all cycling enthusiasts.
  2. Complexity for Novices: The array of advanced features and technology may be overwhelming or unnecessary for beginners or casual riders.
  3. Weight Considerations: Despite the aerodynamic benefits, some riders might seek an even lighter frame and fork for increased performance in climbing or accelerating.
  4. Availability: Only the CF SLX 8 Di2 and CFR LTD models will be available at launch, potentially delaying access to other models for interested buyers.
  5. Aesthetic and Design Novelty: The Double Decker handlebar, while innovative and functional, presents a non-traditional aesthetic that might not appeal to all cyclists.
  6. Maintenance: The advanced technology and integrated systems might necessitate specialized knowledge or professional assistance for maintenance and repairs.

From $2,699

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