The ABUS Pedelec 2.0 ACE: Redefining E-Bike Helmet Standards

Safety Optimized

Navigating the electrified veins of city streets atop a gleaming e-bike is a joy like no other. Yet, like with any thrilling escapade, safety is paramount. The Germans, meticulous and forward-thinking, offer a solution with the Abus Pedelec 2.0 ACE helmet. This innovative marvel is specifically crafted for the e-bike voyager, seeking to shield them from the urban jungle's potential pitfalls.

The Pedelec 2.0 ACE isn't merely a helmet; it's an extension of your ride, a trusty comrade in your bustling, wind-swept escapades. Its expansive coverage, extending beyond the back of the head, offers the utmost protection to your cranium's vulnerable areas. With an in-mold bonded construction inner EPS foam and a thermoplastic shell, this helmet absorbs and dissipates impact like a champ, earning nods of approval from both the French EN 1078 standard and the NTA 8776 standard in the Netherlands.

Riding an e-bike, while electrically powered, still gets the heart racing and the sweat pouring. For those balmy city rides, the Pedelec 2.0 ACE is feather-light and breathable, punctuated with several openings for airflow. As the mercury plummets, the helmet transforms with removable earmuffs, doubling as a refuge from the cold.

Its built-in visor keeps your eyes guarded from the detritus of the road, while the integrated LED at the back casts a beacon to all around you, proclaiming your presence. The thoughtfulness doesn't stop there. Nestled in the back of the helmet is a rain cover – a quick fix for those surprise showers.

Ease is key in the bustling cityscape, and the Pedelec 2.0 ACE accommodates with a Fidlock magnetic buckle. One-handed operation for swift, fuss-free wear and removal, allowing your other hand to hold onto your ride or, let's say, a cup of freshly brewed morning coffee.

This helmet, retailing for approximately 229.95 Euros ($250 USD), is an asset worth investing in. Its heightened safety measures, stylish appeal, and versatile functionality position it as more than just a protective shell – it's an essential companion for the e-bike enthusiast.

So, fellow riders, suit up, clip on your Pedelec 2.0 ACE, and seize the day with gusto. In this gear, the urban playground awaits you with open arms. Let the adventure unfold.


  1. Extended Coverage: The helmet covers a larger area of the rider's head, offering enhanced protection, especially towards the back of the head.
  2. Construction and Material: The thermoplastic shell and in-mold bonded construction of inner EPS foam offers excellent impact absorption and dissipation.
  3. Certified Protection: The helmet is certified under both the French EN 1078 standard and the Netherlands-specific NTA 8776 standard for e-bike helmets, signifying its reliability.
  4. Built-in Features: The integrated visor, rear LED light, and hidden rain cover are excellent added features for added safety and convenience.
  5. Ventilation: With its numerous openings, this helmet offers great ventilation, making it comfortable for active riders.
  6. Weather Adaptability: The addition of removable earmuffs is a thoughtful touch, making the helmet adaptable to colder weather.
  7. Ease of Use: The Fidlock magnetic buckle allows for easy wearing and removal of the helmet.

Cons :

  1. Price: Retailing for approximately $250, the helmet is pricier compared to some other models on the market.
  2. LED Light Limitation: Although the integrated LED light enhances visibility, it does not function as a brake light which could be a potential safety enhancement.
  3. Aesthetic Design: While this is subjective, some riders might prefer a sleeker design or more color options to match their personal style.
  4. Size and Weight: Despite its extensive features, some riders might find the helmet a bit bulky or heavy for long rides or commutes.


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