The 2023 Yonex VCORE 100: A Balanced Force on the Court

Powerful, Precise, Responsive, Versatile, Durable

Here we are, finding ourselves drawn into the world of kinetic combat, a dance of dexterity and precision, a game of a thousand nuances and fractions of seconds. The arena? The tennis court. The weapon of choice? The 2023 Yonex VCORE 100.

Let's dive right in. Take a look at this sleek, scarlet beauty. She's got a real vibrant character to her, unapologetically bold and proud. She dares you to be anything but ordinary on the court. But she's not just all show. The VCORE 100 isn’t just another pretty face, it's a real workhorse too.

Hailing from the land of the rising sun, this racquet incorporates some truly avant-garde design concepts. It's crafted from a cocktail of high modulus graphite, 2G-Namd™ Flex Force, and VDM. Not too shabby, if you ask me. This hi-tech combo offers durability, stability, and a remarkable feel on impact.

Its unique selling point? The ISOMETRIC™ design. Think of it as a sweet spot that's gone on a fitness regime and come out 7% larger. This isn’t your granddad's racquet – it's like the difference between a sledgehammer and a scalpel. You're not just hitting, you're slicing through the air, dissecting your opponent's tactics with pinpoint accuracy.

The weight, at 300 grams, makes it as nimble as a cat, while the length of 27 inches provides the perfect balance between reach and control. Whether you're the swashbuckling, aggressive baseline hitter or the delicate touch artist who thrives on volleys and drop shots, this racquet makes you feel at home on any part of the court. And, with a range of grip sizes from 1-5, it's as if it was bespoke made for your hand.

Its stringing pattern of 16 x 19, and a stringing advice of 45-60 lbs, is a sweet harmony between power and spin. It’s like unleashing a symphony with every swing. It'll enable you to rip heavy, biting topspin or delicate slice, depending on the day's mood or the moment's need.

This piece of art in scarlet, then, is not merely a racquet. It’s an extension of your will, a conduit between you and the ball, a seamless blend of Japanese craftsmanship and cutting-edge tech. So step out, lace up those sneakers, let the energy course through you and seize the day with the Yonex VCORE 100. It’s not just a game; it's a lifestyle, and what a wonderful life it is.


  1. ISOMETRIC™ Design: The patented design increases the sweet spot by 7%. This offers increased control without sacrificing power, and gives you greater margin for error on off-center hits.
  2. Material Composition: The unique blend of High Modulus Graphite, 2G-Namd™ Flex Force, and VDM provides durability and a superior feel on impact. It adds to the racquet's overall performance and enhances user experience.
  3. Stringing Pattern: The 16 x 19 stringing pattern is a versatile choice that can generate a good mix of power and spin, making it adaptable to various playing styles.
  4. Balanced Weight and Size: At 300 grams and 27 inches long, it strikes a fine balance between weight and reach, making it nimble yet effective in delivering powerful strokes.
  5. Variety of Grip Sizes: The availability of grip sizes 1 to 5 ensures a comfortable fit for hands of all sizes.


  1. Vibrant Color: The bright scarlet hue may not appeal to everyone. For those who prefer a subtler or more traditional aesthetic, the VCORE 100's loud appearance could be off-putting.
  2. Ideal for Intermediate Players: With a head size of 100, this racquet seems designed primarily for intermediate players. Beginners might struggle to control it, while advanced players may seek a smaller head size for precision shots.
  3. Stringing Advice: The suggested string tension range of 45-60 lbs could be a con for some. Players who prefer either a higher tension for more control, or a lower tension for increased power, might not find their sweet spot within this range.
  4. Potentially Overwhelming Technology: The advanced technology and design incorporated into the racquet might take some time for players to get used to. It could also be overwhelming for casual or less tech-savvy players.


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