TechnoBody Iso-Shift helps athletes become more efficient and balanced

For training, assessment, and rehabilitation

TechnoBody Iso-Shift is a piece of fitness equipment designed for functional training and rehabilitation purposes. It is a versatile tool that allows users to perform a variety of exercises that engage multiple muscle groups in a controlled and safe manner.

The Iso-Shift consists of a platform with four load cells that detect the distribution of load exerted by the user when doing certain exercises to determine the Center of Pressure in both the static and dynamic phases. In other words it tells you how balanced you are when doing certain movements allowing you to adjust your technique or whether you need to strength in certain parts of your body.

The two adjustable mechanical arms can be used for a variety of targeted exercises for the upper body limbs as well as the core. Resistance is provided by the Iso-Shift's sophisticated pneumatic circuit.

The Iso-Shift is also suitable for rehabilitation purposes, as it allows for low-impact exercises that improve joint stability, range of motion, and overall function.

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