Take Control of Your Journey with the Giant Trance X Advanced E+ 0’s Adaptive Geometry

Powerful, Adaptable, Advanced, Sleek, Trail-ready

Here we have a new beast in the off-road bike world: The Giant Trance X Advanced E+ 0. A trail blazer, it boasts a power and performance that simply redefines flat-out fun. Armed with a new motor technology, this ride will make you wish the trails never end. It's almost like a ride into the wild, but with more grit, more power.

This bike packs a punch with its SyncDrive Pro motor, pushing out 85Nm of torque. The pedaling assistance, even at low speeds, is just powerful and responsive. It's like riding a wild stallion, but with a reign you can control. Its lightweight, stiff Advanced-grade composite frame coupled with 140mm of Maestro rear suspension travel and 150mm up front is an absolute marvel in the rough trails. You’ll feel the raw energy beneath you, making every ride an adventure, taming even the most unforgiving terrains with ease.

What sets this beast apart is its adaptability. It features a new flip chip that allows you to fine-tune handling for varying trail conditions and your own unique riding style. Whether you are speeding through aggressive terrains or exploring more relaxed routes, this bike adapts just like a chameleon, enhancing your ride with precision and control.

To top it off, this bike gives you a clean, uncluttered cockpit with its new RideControl Go top-tube integrated multi-function on/off button and RideControl Ergo 3 handlebar-mounted remote. Now, you can focus on the ride, not the ride's controls.

The question that bounces around is, how far can it go on a single battery charge? Well, that's like asking how long is a piece of string. It depends on a variety of factors – from the combined weight of the rider and cargo, to the wind resistance, terrain, and even temperature. But rest assured, this beauty is designed to be with you on your adventure for the long haul.

This bike is more than a machine, it's a masterclass in design and technology. From the high-performance grade raw carbon material used to produce its custom frame to the Hybrid Cycling Technology that blends electric power with human power, every part of it screams sophistication and power. It’s a workhorse, a silent partner on every trail.

And if you thought that was all, it also comes equipped with Maestro Suspension Technology, adjustable geometry, a highly advanced EnergyPak battery system, SyncDrive Pro motor, SmartAssist sensors, and RideControl Ergo 3 controller. Every piece of tech enhances your ride, making it more natural, efficient, and powerful.

The ride ends with the rider, not the trail, because this ride can take on any trail you throw at it. Whether it's a tight single track or open, fast terrain, the Giant Trance X Advanced E+ 0 is designed to take it all on. It doesn’t just ride the trails, it owns them. So go ahead, unleash the beast within you. The trails are waiting.


  1. Powerful Performance: The SyncDrive Pro motor with 85Nm torque provides powerful pedaling assistance even at low speeds, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.
  2. Lightweight and Robust: The Advanced-grade composite frame is not only lightweight but also stiff, offering superior handling on rough terrains. It's an excellent blend of performance and comfort.
  3. Adaptable to Varying Terrains: The new flip chip feature allows riders to fine-tune the bike's handling based on the trail conditions and their riding style. It offers great flexibility in terms of riding experience.
  4. Clean Cockpit Design: The new RideControl Go top-tube integrated on/off button and the RideControl Ergo 3 handlebar-mounted remote offer user-friendly controls and an uncluttered cockpit design, enabling a more focused and distraction-free ride.
  5. Advanced Technology: The use of Hybrid Cycling Technology, Maestro Suspension Technology, and SmartAssist sensors delivers a natural, powerful riding experience, optimizes energy efficiency, and provides the optimal amount of pedaling assistance.
  6. Flexible Geometry: The flip chip lets riders adjust the frame geometry based on their preference and trail type – a low setting for faster, more open terrain or a high setting for slower, tighter singletrack.


  1. Battery Range Variability: The range for a single battery charge can vary greatly depending on several conditions such as rider and cargo weight, wind resistance, terrain, and more. This can lead to unpredictability in the battery's lifespan during rides.
  2. Potential Complexity for Novice Users: With the advanced features and technologies integrated into the bike, novice users may find it overwhelming or challenging to get accustomed to all the features quickly.
  3. Price: As an advanced trail bike loaded with numerous high-end features and technologies, it's likely to be on the higher end of the price spectrum, which could be a barrier for some potential buyers.
  4. Maintenance Requirements: Given the bike's high-tech components and advanced composite materials, it may require specialized maintenance and service which could potentially increase long-term ownership costs.
  5. Weight Variability: The bike's weight can vary based on size, hardware, and accessories, which can be a downside for riders who prioritize a lightweight machine for their trails.


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