Sweat in Style: Plunge Sauna’s Sustainable, Technologically-Advanced Design

Sustainable High-Heat Wellness Sauna Experience

Embrace the simplicity of sweat and embark on a transformative journey to wellness with the Plunge Sauna. It's a harmonious blend of design and utility, providing an oasis of relaxation that turns up the heat to a sweltering 230°F, for those of us who really want to feel the burn.

The ergonomic backrest, a personal favorite feature of mine, perfectly contours to the shape of your back, allowing you to simply sit back, unwind, and let the warmth envelop you in a detoxifying embrace. As for the controlled environment, the Plunge mobile app puts the power of ambiance right at your fingertips – light, temperature, all customizable and at your beck and call.

It's an experience ready to be shared, a social hub for friends and family. With flip-up benches, it can transform seamlessly from a cosy gathering spot to an open space ideal for a hot yoga session or even some stationary bike work. Because let's face it, why should wellness be a solitary journey?

Now, as far as power is concerned, both standard and XL models come equipped with serious heating prowess. The 6 KW and 9 KW heaters respectively, combined with the HUUM ‘Drop' Sauna Heater and the 121 lbs of HUUM sauna stones, ensure you get to experience that soothing and soul-cleansing heat evenly and efficiently.

Material-wise, I've got a soft spot for the clear cedar – there's something about its uniform appearance, devoid of knots, that gives it a certain understated elegance. But if you're a fan of something more rustic, the knotted cedar with its unique knots and texture might be more your speed.

Beyond the aesthetics, the Plunge Sauna demonstrates a thoughtful commitment to sustainability. Sourced from local USA wood, this sauna is as much a testament to good stewardship of the environment as it is a beacon of health and wellness.

For the tech-inclined, the HUUM WiFi controller is a nifty feature. It integrates with the Plunge mobile app, ensuring that your sauna time is synced seamlessly with your daily routine. The sauna is waiting for you, not the other way around.

What's more, the assembly of this haven of heat is as straightforward as it gets. With a clever tongue and groove design, you'll have your sauna ready in a few hours. Then, it's just a case of ‘plug and sweat', as they say. And remember, whether you want to place it inside your home or let it grace your backyard, the choice is yours. It's built to withstand any weather conditions with its waterproof roof.

In short, the Plunge Sauna is more than just an addition to your home. It's a lifestyle choice, a commitment to wellness, and a sanctuary for the active body and soul. Go ahead, take the plunge.

Sure, here are the revised pros and cons taking the price into account:


  1. High Maximum Temperature: With a maximum temperature of 230°F, it's great for people who enjoy a high-intensity sauna experience.
  2. Versatility: The Plunge Sauna can be used both indoors and outdoors, adding to its flexibility.
  3. Mobile App Integration: The ability to control your sauna experience with a mobile app is convenient and modern. This includes scheduling, pre-heating, and customizing the lighting.
  4. Space-Efficient Design: The flip-up bench design provides room for a range of activities from hot yoga to stationary bike work.
  5. Easy Assembly: The proprietary tongue and groove design makes for a straightforward assembly process.
  6. Sustainable Materials: The sauna is made using local, sustainably sourced wood, which is environmentally conscious and a quality choice of material.
  7. Made in the USA: This point ensures adherence to stringent manufacturing standards.


  1. Electricity Requirements: The sauna uses a substantial amount of electricity and specific outlets. The standard model requires a 30 amp plug, while the XL model requires a 50 amp plug. Not all homes may have this capability, and it may require some electrical work.
  2. Price: The sauna is priced between $8,990 and $11,990. The price may vary depending on the size and wood species. Although a high-quality product, the price tag is considerable and may not fit within everyone's budget.
  3. Size: While the sauna does accommodate multiple people, the dimensions (especially for the standard model) might be a bit tight for those who want a spacious interior.
  4. App Dependence: While the mobile app integration is convenient, it could potentially exclude users who are not comfortable with technology or prefer a more traditional sauna experience.
  5. Heat Source: Some people prefer a traditional wood-burning sauna to electric heaters for authenticity and the unique quality of heat/steam they produce. The Plunge Sauna uses electric heaters which might not be appealing to these individuals.

$8,990 – $11,990

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