Super73-S Adventure Series combines classic design with off-road capabilities

Stylish and rugged

The Super73-S Adventure Series is an upgraded version of the classic S2 e-bike, designed to be both stylish and rugged. It features an elongated seat and a downtube-mounted battery for a sleek look while maintaining its off-road capabilities.

The moto-inspired seat offers ample room for riders to find their perfect position, ensuring comfort on various terrains. The e-bike comes with GRZLY tires, which have a knobby tread pattern suitable for hardpack, rock, and asphalt surfaces.

The battery has been repositioned to the lower downtube for a low center of gravity, allowing for a longer seat and extra room for riders. The McFly handlebar comes standard on all models, except the Snowshadow SE, which features the lower-profile Blain handlebar.

Each frame is unique due to the hand-dipped process, resulting in small and distinctive paint characteristics. The bike offers 4 Pedal Assist Modes and 4 Speed Levels, customizable through the Super73 App. The removable battery provides an estimated range of 64-120+ km, depending on the pedal-assist mode, and takes 6-7 hours to charge.

The Super73 App enables e-bike feature unlocking, over-the-air firmware updates, turn-by-turn navigation, and easy viewing of settings like pedal-assist modes, current speed, and remaining battery range.

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