Super73 R Blackout SE: Sleek, Dark, and Uniquely Yours – Only 1,000 Made!

Sleek, Powerful, Exclusive, Dark, Refined

In the deep veins of urban alleyways and on the dusty trails that wind through the mountains, there's a sleek, dark force making its presence known – the SUPER73-R Blackout SE. It’s an e-bike, but not just any e-bike; this machine is a refined stallion from Super73's stable, ready to conquer city streets and rugged trails alike.

Drawing inspiration from the immortal words of Wednesday, “I’ll stop riding black bikes when they invent a darker color,” this limited release Blackout Collection E-bike is draped in an enigmatic shade, elevating its allure to something almost sinful. And just to keep things exclusive, there are only a thousand of these beasts available.

But beauty is more than skin deep. Take it off-road and feel the thrill as it effortlessly unlocks speeds over 28 mph, courtesy of its 750W nominal motor. And for those long rides? Don’t fret. The removable, rechargeable battery promises up to 40 miles when you're cruising in throttle-only mode, and an impressive 75 miles with pedal assist. So, whether you're nipping to the local store or exploring far-flung trails, range anxiety is off the table.

Speaking of trails, those steep inclines won't stand a chance against its 8-speed gearing. And with a full suspension that boasts a Fox Float 3 EVOL rear shock – a piece of tech that’s as light as it is robust – every bump and pit is softened, giving you a ride that's buttery smooth. Magura’s industry-leading MT5e four-piston hydraulic brakes bring an element of safety to the mix, ensuring that you can halt on a dime, even in the most challenging conditions. Paired with the high-strength, low-weight chromoly steel of the Blain handlebars and the premium feel of the Oury grips, the Blackout SE offers a tactile experience that rivals its visual appeal.

But what’s life without a little tech? iOS and Android Bluetooth connectivity are built right in, allowing you to unlock a plethora of features and over-the-air updates. Whether you want turn-by-turn navigation or just a glance at your current speed, the accompanying app has got you covered.

And here's the kicker: no license, registration, or insurance required. At $4,295, it's more than just an e-bike. It's a statement, a lifestyle, and a testament to the seamless blend of style, functionality, and raw power.

So, if you're looking for a ride that’s as distinctive as your taste in adventures, the SUPER73-R Blackout SE is waiting. But don't wait too long; with only a thousand units up for grabs, this dark horse won't be available for long.


  1. Exclusive Design: The all-black aesthetic provides a sleek and premium look. The limited release of only 1,000 units ensures a touch of exclusivity.
  2. Powerful Motor: With a 750W nominal motor, it offers impressive speeds, especially in off-road mode, going over 28 mph.
  3. Long Battery Range: The e-bike boasts a commendable range of up to 75 miles with pedal assist and 40 miles in throttle-only mode.
  4. Advanced Suspension: The inclusion of the Fox Float 3 EVOL rear shock ensures a smoother ride in various terrains.
  5. High-Quality Brakes: The Magura MT5e four-piston hydraulic brakes offer optimal stopping power, even in challenging conditions.
  6. Versatile Gearing: The 8-speed gearing is designed to handle steep inclines, enhancing its versatility.
  7. Convenient Tech Features: iOS and Android Bluetooth connectivity provides added features like navigation, over-the-air updates, and easy access to ride data.
  8. No License Required: The ability to ride without a license, registration, or insurance offers added convenience.
  9. Premium Components: From Blain handlebars to Oury grips, the bike showcases top-tier parts, ensuring a refined riding experience.


  1. Weight: At 90 lbs, the e-bike is on the heavier side, which might make it cumbersome for some riders or situations.
  2. Price Point: Priced at $4,295, it's an investment and may not be accessible to everyone.
  3. Limited Availability: With only 1,000 units produced, not everyone interested might get their hands on one.
  4. Rack Weight Limit: The rear rack's weight limit is just 10 lbs, which might not be suitable for heavier loads.
  5. Seat Height: A seat height of 32″ might not be comfortable for all riders, especially shorter individuals.


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