Stylish Security: The Muc-Off Secure Airtag™ Holder’s Perfect Blend of Design and Protection

Secure, Lightweight, Stylish, Practical Bike Protection

Welcome to the urban jungle, where your two-wheeled companion needs not just skill but also a little bit of digital savvy to navigate. Today, we're going to talk about the Muc-Off Secure Airtag™ Holder, a marvel of design and innovation, tailor-made for the modern cyclist.

A bicycle is a beautiful thing. It's not just a mode of transportation; it's an extension of you. That's why we ensure every piece of our gear complements our bike and us. As such, the Muc-Off Secure Airtag™ Holder can match your ride and personal style, offering 12 anodized colours that align with Muc-Off's Tubeless Valves or Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs.

Let's dig deeper into what makes this gizmo worth your £30.00. Firstly, it offers a super secure way to install an AirTag tracker on your bike. It fits neatly into the standard bottle cage mounting holes. So, no extra fuss, and no compromise on the clean lines of your frame. The AirTag is ensconced in a tough, 4-part polymer holder sandwiched between two aircraft-grade 6061 aluminium plates. This ensures it isn't easily damaged or removed. Add in the two sets of security Torx screws and a security key, and you've got yourself a fort Knox for your AirTag.

The Muc-Off Airtag™ Holder isn't just practical; it's pretty smart too. It's been designed to deter, delay, and locate, an ideal solution especially for city-dwellers where pesky thieves might be tempted by your precious ride. With the FindMy™ app, your stolen bicycle doesn't stand a chance of disappearing into the ether.

At 83 (L) x 36 (W) x 10 (D) mm and a featherlight weight of 15g (sans AirTag), the Muc-Off Airtag™ Holder won't be causing you any drag. And, to ensure it's an all-weather companion, its non-rattle design keeps your AirTag securely in place, no matter the terrain or weather.

Despite its robust features, installation is a breeze. And the slotted bottle cage mounts designed to work with most existing standard bottle cage mounts offer you adjustability and convenience.

So, whether you're a hardcore cyclist who wouldn't dream of parting from your ride or a casual biker who enjoys the whizz of the wind on weekends, the Muc-Off Secure Airtag™ Holder is a savvy addition to your gear. After all, in the face of potential theft, a high-quality lock is a given, but wouldn't it feel even more secure knowing you can pinpoint your pride and joy's location if the unspeakable occurs?

All in all, the Muc-Off Airtag™ Holder is a reliable sentinel for your steed, a small price to pay for the peace of mind it offers. One small step for your bike, one giant leap for bicycle safety.

Designed in the UK, made in China, and ready to secure your bike wherever you find yourself in the world. The urban jungle just got a little friendlier.


  1. Secure Protection: The Muc-Off Secure Airtag™ Holder uses a combination of a polymer holder and 6061 aluminium plates to offer a strong, damage-resistant housing for your AirTag. It's a fortress for your tracker that deters thieves and resists damage.
  2. Smart Integration: By using the bottle cage mounting holes for installation, it ensures a seamless, no-fuss integration with your bike.
  3. Lightweight Design: Weighing only 15g (without AirTag), it does not add significant weight to your ride, preserving your bike's balance and performance.
  4. Peace of Mind: Its design aims to deter, delay, and locate – three key elements to anti-theft. This offers enhanced security and peace of mind, especially in high populous areas where theft is more likely.
  5. Stylish Appearance: With 12 different anodized colour options, it's not just practical but also a stylish addition to your bike, complementing other Muc-Off products.
  6. Easy Installation: It comes with the necessary security Torx screws and a key, making installation a breeze.


  1. Dependent on External App: The effectiveness of the product is tied to the functionality of the FindMy™ app. Any issues or limitations with the app could potentially affect the product's usefulness.
  2. Limited to Apple Users: The product is designed to house an AirTag, which is an Apple product. Therefore, it may not be suitable for non-Apple users or those who prefer other tracking solutions.
  3. Limited to Bikes with Standard Bottle Cage Mounts: The Muc-Off Secure Airtag™ Holder is designed to fit standard bottle cage mounts. If your bike doesn't have these or they are non-standard, you may not be able to use this product.
  4. Cost: At £30.00, it is not the cheapest accessory. Some might find the price a bit steep for an accessory that holds a tracking device.
  5. No Guarantee Against Theft: Despite its many pros, it's important to note that the product itself cannot prevent theft. It can deter and delay, but ultimately, it can't physically stop someone from taking your bike. Therefore, users should continue to use high-quality locks and other security measures.


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