Speedland GS:PGH – The Ultimate Fusion of Design and Functionality for Long-Distance Trails

Adventure, Comfort, Durability, Precision, Symbolism

Well, folks, here's an adventure for your feet – the Speedland GS:PGH. It's not just a shoe, it's an ethos embodied in a single piece of equipment, ready to accompany you on every rugged trail and through the misty mountaintops. Named after the imposing Mt. Pisgah and in homage to Speedland athlete Cam Hanes, it promises to add vigor to your stride.

First things first, this trail-blazer doesn't compromise when it comes to comfort and precision fit. What you get is a 100% beaded HTPU external midsole and a proprietary drop-in midsole blend with Pebax® elastomer, offering both comfort and bounciness. One note, my custom insole loving friends, this one might not be your dance partner.

The PerformFit™ Wrap activated by the BOA® Fit System ensures your feet stay secure with its multidirectional dual-dial Li2. It's a snug embrace for your foot, as you sprint through the wilderness. Add to this a Carbitex GearFlex plate compatibility (plates are sold separately) and you've got a sturdy underfoot guardian, essential for those rough terrains.

The Michelin Fiber Lite outsole sports 4.5mm lugs that ensure you won't lose your footing, even on the most challenging of trails. Coupled with a spacer mesh upper that is not only breathable but reinforced with strategically placed high-tenacity fiber, it's clear this shoe is built for endurance.

But what really sets the GS:PGH apart is its ethos. Its unique design choice, a collaboration with hunting personality Cam Hanes, has led to a visually striking blend of athleticism and rugged outdoorsmanship. The bold blue hue is a nod to Hanes' trail running preference, while the blood splatter design symbolizes the effort and sacrifice integral to achieving our goals. Some may see this design as controversial, others might see it as an invitation to embrace the challenges and rewards of the outdoors.

No doubt, at $275, it’s an investment. But here's a fact that might appeal to the philanthropic among us – ten percent of all GS:PGH profits go directly to outdoor organizations chosen by the athletes. So, you're not only buying a shoe, but you're also supporting a cause.

This limited-edition model is currently available for preorder, with deliveries expected in early fall 2023. The weight is just 10.5 oz for a size 9, and it boasts a 7mm drop with a 37-30 mm stack, providing the perfect balance of weight and stability.

Whether you're an ultramarathon runner, an enthusiastic hiker, or someone who simply loves to challenge themselves in the great outdoors, the Speedland GS:PGH offers a unique blend of functionality, durability, and symbolic design. As they say, the path may be rough, but with the right gear, every step becomes a story. So lace up, take the plunge, and let your story unfold.

Pros of the Speedland GS:PGH:

  1. Durability and Comfort: The 100% beaded HTPU external midsole coupled with a proprietary drop-in midsole blend containing Pebax® elastomer ensures a durable and comfortable trail experience.
  2. Precision Fit: The PerformFit™ Wrap activated by the BOA® Fit System provides a secure and precision fit.
  3. Trail Grip: The Michelin Fiber Lite outsole with 4.5mm lugs offers excellent traction on a variety of terrains.
  4. Breathability: The spacer mesh upper ensures good airflow, preventing sweaty and uncomfortable feet during long hikes or runs.
  5. Supports a Cause: Ten percent of all profits are donated to athletes' chosen outdoor organizations.
  6. Unique Design: The bold design choice, with a splash of blood-like detailing, offers a symbolic representation of effort and sacrifice.

Cons of the Speedland GS:PGH:

  1. Price: At $275, the shoe may be a significant investment for some, and potentially prohibitive for others.
  2. Not Compatible with Custom Insoles: This model is not compatible with custom insoles, which might be a drawback for those needing specific orthotic support.
  3. Limited Availability: The shoe is available in limited quantities and requires pre-order, potentially delaying the instant gratification of an immediate purchase.
  4. Design Controversy: The blood splatter design, while unique, might be seen as controversial and could dissuade some potential buyers.
  5. Carbitex GearFlex Plate Sold Separately: Though the shoe is compatible with the Carbitex GearFlex plate for additional underfoot protection, this is sold separately, adding an extra cost.


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