SoleCooler Climfeet keeps your feet cool or warm without electricity

Cool side up or warm side up

SoleCooler Climfeet is a insole designed to keep your feet warm on cold days and cool on hot days. The manufacturer claims that it works by converting the mechanical energy caused by the pressure of the foot on the insole into heat and cold. It is based on the idea that when air is compressed it heats up and when it expands it cools down. No electricity is required so there is no limit on operating time.

The Climfeet is cool on one side and warm on the other side. The red side provides a heat output up to 4ºC and the blue side cools the feet by 3.5ºC. Simply flip the insole to suit the environment you are using it in whether cold or hot. Aside from cooling and heating, the insole also provides cushioning and is made of silicone.

If you're in doubt, the SoleCooler Climfeet comes with 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty. It's also a 2023 ISPO Award winner.

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