Smith Resolve Sunglasses: Experience ChromaPop™ Lenses & Non-Slip Megol Pads

Colorful, clear vision; secure comfort

In the relentless pursuit of adventure, your gear must not only be an enabler but also a steadfast companion. What if I told you that this is precisely what the Smith Resolve offers?

We've all been there: a strenuous trail, a vibrant road, by foot, or even on a bike, the world before us is vast and varying. And the common denominator of these experiences? Vision, my friend. And not just any vision but a clear, vibrant, detail-rich vision that enriches every experience. The Smith Resolve sunglasses, in their minimalist yet stylish design, offer just that. They've combined an impressive wraparound fit with unrivaled airflow, making it perfect for a multitude of outdoor activities. Your runs, hikes, rides – they're all about to get a lot more vivid.

As someone who has been through a multitude of environments, I appreciate the technical marvel that the ChromaPop™ lenses are. These gems don't just protect your eyes, they amplify your vision. The contrast, the colors, every minuscule detail – they all come alive as if tuned to a higher frequency. From rocks and roots on your trail to the subtleties of the terrain, everything pops into life.

Fit and integration are crucial, especially when you're moving a lot. Trust me, nothing is worse than constantly adjusting a slipping pair of sunglasses. The adjustable nose pads and the Megol infused temples ensure the glasses adhere to your face as if they're a part of you. Talk about a symbiotic relationship! The frames are made from Evolve™ bio-based material, lightweight, durable, and kind to Mother Earth. In addition, the handy AutoLock hinges ensure easy one-hand operation, a boon for us adventurers.

Smith Resolve thoughtfully includes a pair of clear interchangeable lenses in the package. For those unpredictable situations where you need eye protection but not necessarily the tint, you're covered. Not to forget, the strategic venting keeps the fog at bay, offering you a clear vision in all weather conditions.

In a nutshell, Smith Resolve is about uncompromised vision, comfort, and adaptability. Just like how an adventurer ought to be. And remember, the world out there is not just to be seen, but to be truly witnessed, every little detail of it. With these sunglasses, you're all set to do just that. So, lace up those boots, prep your bike, and go forth to explore this beautiful world through the vibrant lens of Smith Resolve.


  1. ChromaPop™ Lenses: These lenses enhance contrast and natural color, making your surroundings seem more vibrant and details pop. This is ideal for outdoor activities like running, biking, or hiking.
  2. Interchangeable Lenses: The glasses come with both ChromaPop™ bright light lenses and clear lenses, giving you flexibility based on the light conditions.
  3. Secure, Customizable Fit: The adjustable Megol nose pads and non-slip temples ensure the glasses stay put during vigorous activity.
  4. Lightweight and Durable Frame: Made from Evolve™ bio-based material, the frame is both lightweight and sturdy, adding to the comfort and longevity of the sunglasses.
  5. Strategic Venting: This feature helps to increase airflow, reducing fogging and ensuring maximum clarity in different conditions.
  6. AutoLock Hinges: They allow for easy one-hand on and off, a convenience feature that's especially beneficial during outdoor adventures.


  1. Price: With a price range of $169-$189, these sunglasses are on the pricier end of the spectrum.
  2. Medium Coverage: Although sufficient for most, the medium coverage may not provide enough protection for those with particularly sensitive eyes or in extreme sunlight conditions.
  3. Style Limitations: The wraparound fit and minimalist style may not appeal to everyone, especially those who prefer more fashion-forward or classic sunglass designs.
  4. Potentially Overwhelming Color Enhancement: While the ChromaPop™ lenses are designed to enhance colors and contrast, some users may find the effect too intense or unnatural, especially in already bright conditions.


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