Slant Stack combines a slant board with stackable boxes

Deeper range of motion, builds strength and flexibility

There are many benefits of using a slant board. They can be used to treat injuries like shin splints and muscle strains. They're great for calf exercises and stretches and more. You can do squats on a slant board for a knee-over-toe squat (KOT squat) to build strength around the knee and prevent injury. When it comes to slant boards, The Tib Bar Guy's Slant stack is a great option for a slant board. It comes with stackable boxes to elevate the slant board, which increase the range of motion in certain exercises like dumbbell or kettlebell squats. It also allows you to do a lot of exercises that was not possible before without an elevated slant board. And when you don't want it to be elevated you simply take the slant board part from the top and put it on the floor.

The Slant Stack comes with 3 2″ platforms and one slant board. When stacked, the platforms and slant board are all interconnected together and won't slide or fall off, a lot safer and better that stacking plates. It is made of plastic and is strong enough to handle weights up to 1200 lbs. The whole thing itself weighs 20 lbs.

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