SCOTT Genius: Conquer Trails with Unparalleled Smart Suspension Technology

Innovation meets trail performance

There's a sense of harmony in a beautifully made thing, whether it's a brilliant bowl of Pho, an intricately woven story, or a machine like the Genius. This creation isn't merely a vehicle of transport; it's a testament to design, an embrace of technology, and a love letter to the call of the open trail.

Where this really shines is in the genius application of Integrated Suspension Technology. A lower center of gravity and a stiff construction around the BB? That's like the perfect simmering of a broth, subtly enhancing the overall flavor and creating a more profound experience. And that protected shock from debris and elements? A clever trick in the book of preservation, akin to a perfectly sealed jar of pickles.

The Genius comes with adjustable geometry – a 150mm of rear suspension paired with a 160mm fork – and a 29” wheel size specific frame, crafted with a mindfulness similar to selecting the right spices for a complex dish. The bike is a testament to careful planning and creative execution, a culinary endeavor of sorts, from the drawing board to the rugged trails.

In essence, it's more than just an expertly constructed frame. The details are where it shows its worth – akin to a dish expertly plated, every element serving a purpose. Take, for example, the downtube door for shock access or the external indicator on the link for setting sag and checking travel. Every inch of this machine has been optimized for ease of use and performance. That's thoughtful design, my friend.

The Genius is not just one but a smorgasbord of variations to suit different riders, much like the diversity of palates in a bustling city food court. Each Genius model, whether full carbon, carbon/alloy hybrids, or full alloy, is a testament to balance and craftsmanship, much like a well-aged wine or a carefully brewed craft beer.

To elaborate on its variety, the Genius is available in two formats: Genius 900 and Genius Super Trail, or “ST.” They both run on the NUDE shock platform but with a twist. Each has a unique persona on the trail – like a meticulously crafted espresso or a rich, foamy latte. Both derived from the same base but providing distinctly different experiences.

The NUDE suspension technology, featured in both the Genius 900 and Genius ST platforms, is like the secret ingredient in a time-honored family recipe – improving and evolving over time, adding a subtle but significant dimension to the experience.

As you can see, the Genius is a sum of parts – meticulously crafted and blended together to create an unforgettable experience. Like a perfectly executed recipe, it leaves you satisfied yet craving for another helping. So grab the Genius and embark on an epicurean adventure on two wheels. Life's too short for anything less.


  1. Smart Suspension Technology: The Genius utilizes Integrated Suspension Technology which leads to a more stable and confidence-inspiring ride. This is achieved through a lower center of gravity and a stiffer frame around the BB, improving overall handling.
  2. Advanced Geometry: The Genius features a 150mm rear suspension with a 160mm fork, tailored to meet modern trail bike demands. It's a balanced blend of climbing efficiency and downhill fun.
  3. Adaptability: This model provides adjustable head angles (64 or 65 degrees), catering to a wide range of rider preferences and trail conditions.
  4. Ease of Access: The Genius provides easy shock access with a simple-to-remove downtube door. This accessibility can be beneficial for maintenance or cable routing.
  5. Diversity of Models: The Genius is available in full carbon, carbon/alloy hybrids, or full alloy models. This variety ensures a Genius model for every rider's preference and budget.
  6. Two Formats Available: The Genius 900 and Genius Super Trail or “ST” caters to different riding styles and requirements.


  1. Complex Adjustments: With many adjustable features, the Genius might be overwhelming for beginners. It requires a level of technical knowledge to fully utilize and adjust the bike's potential.
  2. Weight: While the Genius prioritizes a balance of stiffness to weight ratio, it still weighs in at 2295g for the frame and hardware. This might be a tad heavy for those seeking a more lightweight mountain bike.
  3. Potential Over-Engineering: While having advanced features and customization can be a pro, for some users, it could lead to complications in setting up and maintaining the bike.
  4. Price: Given the advanced features, technology, and design, the Genius could be on the pricier side, potentially putting it out of reach for riders on a tighter budget.

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