SCOR 6080 Z LT GX: Power, Performance, and Precision

Robust, powerful, versatile, durable, advanced

Imagine you’re staring down a near-vertical descent, the kind that sends a thrill down your spine and a shiver of apprehension through your core. The SCOR 6080 Z LT GX is there to be your loyal companion in these moments of adrenaline and anticipation. It’s not just a bike; it’s an ally in your quest for adventure.

Let’s start with the frame, a robust alloy construct that’s as tough as the mountains you’re aiming to conquer. It’s built to withstand the punishment of bike park laps, double black-diamond tracks, and those big, audacious jumps that leave you hanging in mid-air for a split second before gravity reclaims you. The hydroformed tubes don’t just look good—they promise the strength and reliability you need when you’re navigating the wildest terrains.

The suspension system is like the secret sauce that ties it all together. Up front, you’ve got the RockShox ZEB Ultimate fork with 190mm of travel, paired with the RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate RCT at the rear. This duo ensures that 180mm of suspension travel remains composed and controlled, offering a ride that’s supple yet supportive. Whether you’re pushing through tight corners or launching off lips, the suspension system keeps you grounded and confident.

Stability is the name of the game with a long, slack front end that gives you the confidence to tackle the steepest of descents. Yet, the playful nature of the bike is preserved with short chainstays that keep the ride lively and responsive. The flip-chip feature allows you to tweak the geometry, making it adaptable to your riding style and the trails you love.

The drivetrain is a 1×12 SRAM GX Eagle setup, known for its reliability and precision. Shifting is crisp, and the wide range of the 10-52T cassette ensures you’re prepared for both brutal climbs and rapid descents. The Praxis Heavy Duty eCrank with a 34T chainring adds to the robust feel, handling the power you’ll be putting through the pedals.

Braking is handled by SRAM Code RSC brakes, with massive 220mm front rotors providing the stopping power you need to keep things under control. These brakes are ready to bite hard when you need them, offering confidence and safety on the most challenging descents.

Wheels are a mullet setup with a 29” front and 27.5” rear, giving you the best of both worlds: the rollover capability of the larger front wheel and the agility of the smaller rear. Wrapped in Maxxis Assegai tires, they provide the grip and durability needed for aggressive riding. DT Swiss H 1900 Spline rims and hubs complete the package, ensuring a strong and reliable ride.

The Bosch Performance Line CX motor is the heart of this beast, delivering a punchy 85 Nm of torque to get you up and over the toughest climbs. Paired with a high-capacity 750Wh battery, you’ve got the range to keep exploring long after your legs would have given out. The Bosch system is smart, intuitive, and powerful, making every ride an adventure rather than a chore.

Comfort and control are maintained with components like the Burgtec Enduro MK3 stem and SCOR Alloy bars, offering a solid cockpit that feels just right. The BikeYoke Divine dropper post ensures that your saddle is always in the optimal position, and the WTB Silverado saddle provides comfort for those long days in the saddle.

This isn’t just a bike; it’s an invitation to push your limits, to explore trails you’ve only dreamed of, and to find your own hero lines. It’s built for the rider who seeks the thrill of the descent and the challenge of the climb, who wants a machine that can keep up with their wildest ambitions. The SCOR 6080 Z LT GX is ready when you are.


  1. Robust Frame: The hydroformed alloy frame is designed for durability and strength, making it suitable for aggressive riding and challenging terrains.
  2. Advanced Suspension: With 180mm rear and 190mm front travel from RockShox ZEB Ultimate and Super Deluxe Ultimate, the bike offers excellent control and stability on rough trails.
  3. Powerful Motor: The Bosch Performance Line CX motor provides 85 Nm of torque, ensuring strong assistance on tough climbs and technical terrains.
  4. High-Capacity Battery: The 750Wh battery offers extensive range, allowing for longer rides without the need for frequent recharging.
  5. Reliable Drivetrain: The SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 drivetrain delivers smooth and precise shifting, accommodating a wide range of riding conditions.
  6. Strong Braking System: SRAM Code RSC brakes with 220mm front rotors provide exceptional stopping power, enhancing safety on steep descents.
  7. Adaptable Geometry: The flip-chip feature allows riders to adjust the bike’s geometry to suit their riding style and trail conditions.
  8. Quality Wheels: The DT Swiss H 1900 Spline wheels are durable and reliable, while the Maxxis Assegai tires offer excellent traction and grip.
  9. Comfortable Cockpit: Components like the Burgtec Enduro MK3 stem and SCOR Alloy bars ensure a comfortable and controlled ride.
  10. Versatile Dropper Post: The BikeYoke Divine dropper post provides easy saddle adjustment for optimal riding positions.


  1. Weight: Due to its robust build and high-capacity battery, the bike may be heavier than some riders prefer, potentially affecting maneuverability.
  2. Cost: At CHF 6,999.00, the bike is relatively expensive, which might be a barrier for budget-conscious riders.
  3. Complexity: The advanced components and electronic systems may require more maintenance and technical knowledge to manage effectively.
  4. Battery Integration: While the high-capacity battery is a plus, its integration may make the bike bulkier and harder to handle in tight or technical sections.
  5. Specialized Use: The bike’s design is heavily oriented towards aggressive trail and downhill riding, which may not be ideal for all riders or for more casual riding scenarios.

CHF 6,999 (US$7,816)

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