Santa Cruz Megatower: Combining Long Travel and Carbon CC for Peak Performance

Robust, versatile, advanced mountain bike

Well, if there was ever a companion for adrenaline-infused escapades, it would be the Santa Cruz Megatower. This marvel doesn't limit itself to the confines of specific terrains. With its colossal 29-inch wheels, and its hardened carbon fiber architecture boasting 165mm to 170mm of travel, it effortlessly inherits the fast-paced security of a downhill bike, allowing for an exhilarating ride down the steepest slopes.

Despite its rugged nature, it manages to retain an impressive pedaling capacity. Its steep seat tube angle shifts you into an advantageous position for climbing the toughest ascents. As the sizes increase, the tube angle steepens accordingly, maintaining an optimal riding position across all sizes. Size inclusivity is a significant hallmark of this beast, with offerings from small to XXL.

The attention to detail in its construction is worth noting. It sports an innovative Glovebox, an integrated storage solution, capable of securely housing essentials. The added bonus of a Tool Wallet and Tube Purse ensures necessities remain readily accessible during your journey.

Its carbon CC frame not only promises the highest grade material but also a lifetime warranty. This commitment to longevity and quality is testament to the faith placed in its superior manufacturing process.

The Megatower is a versatile creature. It facilitates a low-link flip chip, thereby allowing for large-body shocks, and the potential for coil compatibility. Despite these features, it still has room to accommodate a water bottle within its front triangle, because hydration matters when you're conquering the wild.

The suspension system, a well-damped VPP, ensures a controlled ride even when the trail gets chaotic. Further, its proportional geo ensures that every rider, regardless of height, experiences the same balanced geometry.

Whether you opt for the standard 165mm of travel or bump it up to 170mm, the Megatower remains an unyielding force. Furthermore, its choice of premium components, such as the SRAM X0 Eagle drivetrain and the robust RockShox Zeb Ultimate fork, guarantee a trail-blazing performance.

What’s more, the Megatower comes in a range of build kits and price points, starting at an X0 AXS version weighing 33.67 lbs for $8,399, through to the ultimate XX AXS RSV at 33.17 lbs for a premium $11,199. The raw frame alone is available for those keen to embark on a custom build journey, coming in at 7.17 lbs for $4,049.

Its intricate construction continues with the rear shock protection via a mud flap, a rubberized downtube protector, and tidy internal cable routing. All these elements contribute to a design where every detail has been carefully curated to enhance your ride.

Bottom line, the Santa Cruz Megatower is no ordinary mountain bike; it is a culmination of innovation, craftsmanship, and a genuine understanding of what makes gravity rides and downhill park laps exhilarating.

Oh, it’s not every day you stumble across a piece of machinery like the Santa Cruz Megatower. A leviathan in the realm of mountain biking, this beast stands as a testament to innovation and raw power.


  1. Long Travel: With 170mm of front travel and 165mm at the rear, the Megatower is designed to take on the most rugged and challenging terrain with ease. You're buying a ticket to fly down mountains at high speed with an assurance of comfort and safety.
  2. High-Quality Material: The use of Carbon CC in the frame ensures the bike is not just light but also extremely durable. The quality here is of the highest grade, enhancing the overall handling of the bike.
  3. Versatility: This bike does not shy away from a variety of landscapes. Thanks to its size-specific geo and a relatively steep seat tube angle, you're getting a machine that can climb just as well as it can descend.
  4. Glovebox: The integrated Glovebox is a nice touch, providing easy and secure storage for essential tools and accessories.
  5. Proportional Geometry: A unique feature is the proportional geometry of the bike. The chainstay length changes with frame size, ensuring every rider, regardless of height, enjoys a balanced ride.


  1. Price: The Megatower, while a fine piece of engineering, comes with a hefty price tag. This could be a deterring factor for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: Depending on the model, the bike weighs between 33 and 35 lbs. This may not be an issue when you're descending, but could potentially make uphill climbs more challenging.
  3. No Water Bottle Holder: Although the frame has been designed to accommodate a water bottle, there isn't one included as standard, which can be a minor inconvenience for some riders.
  4. Complexity for Beginners: With its high-end specs and setup, it may be a bit complex for beginners to handle and maintain.

Despite a few drawbacks, the Santa Cruz Megatower's impressive features make it a compelling choice for those serious about their mountain biking. Remember, every journey holds an opportunity to challenge the expected. So, why not push the boundaries with a machine that’s designed for just that?

Starting $4,049 (frame only)

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