Salomon x The Broken Arm Coverboot: A Fusion of Function and Fashion

Innovative, Sustainable, Stylish, Durable, Comfortable

In the ever-evolving tapestry of craftsmanship and utility, a new chapter is being woven with the introduction of a remarkable piece of footwear that marries the rugged spirit of outdoor adventure with the finesse of modern design. Picture this: a shoe that takes the essence of a ski boot, distills it through the lens of contemporary fashion, and emerges as something entirely unique—a modern clog, if you will, that's as at home in the urban sprawl as it is in the rustic charm of a vineyard.

This creation, born from the collaboration between Salomon and The Broken Arm, is not just another addition to the footwear market. It's a statement. The Coverboot, with its recycled sandwich mesh upper, accented by tasteful touches of suede at the heel and toe, not only speaks to the aesthetic sensibilities of today's style-conscious individual but also nods to a commitment to sustainability. The ease of slipping into this shoe, thanks to its webbings, is matched by the comfort found within, where a custom slip-on design cradles the foot, supported by a cork inlay insole.

But the true genius of this shoe lies beneath, in the Contragrip outsole, offering unparalleled traction that tells of its heritage in the rigorous demands of outdoor sport. Yet, this shoe is more than just a nod to the practical; it's a homage to history and tradition. Drawing inspiration from the overshoes of cross-country skiers and the pragmatic adaptation by vineyard workers seeking warmth and durability, this shoe is a testament to the ingenuity of those who work with the land.

This February, the Salomon x The Broken Arm Coverboot will be released in a colorway that evokes the earthy tones of nature itself, a fitting tribute to its roots. Priced at $150, it's not just a purchase; it's an investment in a piece of history, a celebration of the collaborative spirit, and a nod to the artisanal know-how that continues to shape our world. For those who appreciate the convergence of fashion and function, this is a moment not to be missed.


  1. Sustainability: The use of recycled materials in the sandwich mesh upper reflects a commitment to environmental responsibility.
  2. Style and Protection: Accents of suede at the heel and toe not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also offer added durability and protection.
  3. Comfort: A custom-developed built-in slip-on design with a cork inlay insole ensures comfort and secure fitting, making it suitable for extended wear.
  4. Traction: The Contragrip outsole provides excellent traction, making the shoe versatile for various surfaces.
  5. Unique Design: The Coverboot stands out with its moc-inspired, modern clog silhouette, offering a unique alternative to traditional slip-on styles.
  6. Historical Significance: The design draws inspiration from practical uses in cross-country skiing and vineyard work, adding a layer of cultural and historical depth.


  1. Price: At $150, the price point may be higher than what some consumers are willing to pay for a niche footwear style.
  2. Limited Availability: Given the popularity of Salomon and The Broken Arm collaborations, these shoes might be difficult to secure, especially for those not quick to act on the release day.
  3. Specialized Design: The ski boot-inspired design might not appeal to everyone, potentially limiting its everyday practicality for some users.
  4. Color Scheme: The specific “Wren / Black / Vanilla Ice” colorway, while unique, might not cater to all tastes or be as versatile as more neutral options.
  5. Size and Fit: The built-in slip-on design might not accommodate all foot shapes comfortably, potentially making the fit too snug or loose for some.


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