Salomon S/LAB PHANTASM 2: Engineered for Record Breakers

Lightweight. Responsive. Comfortable. Advanced. Propulsive

In the vast universe of athletic wear, where footprints span across mountains, asphalt, and treadmills, the Salomon S/LAB PHANTASM 2 is the unsung hero of racing shoes. Imagine strapping rockets to your feet that have been subtly concealed under a sleek veneer; that’s essentially what this dynamo promises.

This racing prodigy manages to surpass its forebear, coming in even lighter and more responsive. It’s like that relentless contender that’s not only up for challenging the competition but also every personal best you’ve set. That relentless drive isn’t mere theatrics. With its groundbreaking blend of superlight bouncy foam and a full-length carbon plate, it promises an explosion of propulsive energy. And it’s not just about the boost. The shoe wraps around your foot in what can only be described as a premium racing fit – close and personal, yet optimized for airflow and comfort, making it feel like an extension of yourself rather than a mere accessory.

The magic lies in the details. Its energy return is phenomenal, thanks to the interplay between the hyper-responsive Energy Foam+ and the carbon fiber plate. This duo ensures every step isn't just about hitting the ground but bouncing off it, pushing you forward with unmatched vigor.

The upper's single-layer mesh fabric has been meticulously refined, focusing on breathability while shaving off excess weight. It's akin to wearing a feather with the strength of an armor. And for those who cherish the traditional, you'll appreciate the regular lace system – nothing too fancy, just reliable and straightforward.

The shoe's build ensures support for both short bursts of speed and grueling long distances. The plush cushioning provides a consistent, comfortable embrace, ready for a multitude of terrains and distances. Given its features and design, it's best suited for those who are in it for the long run, quite literally, aiming for speed and frequent wear.

If there’s any downside, it might be the price tag. At £240, it's a substantial investment. But for the dedicated racer or the individual who won't settle for anything less than the zenith of athletic footwear, the Salomon S/LAB PHANTASM 2 might just be the holy grail.

In the end, life is an adventure, whether you're traversing the globe or sprinting through your local trails. And in this journey, why not have the best companion for your feet? Choose wisely. Choose Salomon.


  1. Lightweight: Even lighter than its predecessor, optimized for racing conditions.
  2. Exceptional Energy Return: The combination of responsive Energy Foam+ and a full-length carbon fiber plate ensures explosive propulsive energy.
  3. Racing Fit: Designed for a close, plush fit that feels like an extension of the foot, while optimizing air flow and comfort.
  4. Durability: Constructed with a blend of synthetic and textile materials, ensuring longevity.
  5. Versatility: Suited for both speed runs and longer distances, making it adaptable for different running requirements.
  6. Optimal Cushioning: Offers plush cushioning that provides support over various terrains and distances.
  7. High Breathability: Single-layer mesh fabric on the upper is tailored to maximize breathability.


  1. Price Point: At £240, it is a significant investment and might not fit everyone's budget.
  2. Regular Laces: While reliable, they don't offer the quick adjustability that some modern lacing systems provide.
  3. Potential Over-Engineering for Casual Runners: The advanced features might be overkill for those who aren't dedicated racers or frequent runners.


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