round21 Exclusive: LA Lakers Pickleball Paddle – Only 100 Available!

Exclusive Lakers-branded premium pickleball paddle

The air crackles with the tension of a thousand riveted fans, eyes fixed on the flashing fury of action on the court. However, we're not in the throbbing heart of the Staples Center today; rather, we find ourselves immersed in the kinetic ballet of pickleball, cradling in our hands the embodiment of a timeless love story between a city and its titans of basketball: the Los Angeles Lakers Pickleball Paddle.

Indeed, round21, in its effervescent wisdom, has decided to orchestrate a symphony of passion, loyalty, and unmistakable style with a canvas painted with the vibrant colors of the Los Angeles Lakers. This isn't merely a functional implement designed to strike a wiffle ball over a net; it’s a talisman, a testament to the unbreakable bond between fan and team, a thread woven into the very fabric of life in the City of Angels.

They bring forth a narrative spun from the looms of a fictional “Pickleball Club,” a whispered legend amongst basketball aficionados. The club is an echo, a reflection of courtside culture where the roar of the crowd meets the unmistakable squeak of sneakers against the polished wood floor. It’s an homage, a silent nod to the titans that grace the painted lanes and arc high into the air, defying gravity as they have defied odds.

We've gazed upon the limited edition, and what a sight it is! Only a hundred of these will grace the hands of the fortunate, each one a beacon of the Lakers’ legacy, gleaming with the promise of performance and the whisper of exclusivity.

Constructed with unerring attention to detail, the paddle flaunts a robust honeycomb interior encased in a shell of sturdy fiberglass, a fortress guarding against the ravages of time and the ferocity of play. The grip, sweat-proof and custom-crafted, is a siren song to hands, promising control and comfort as you navigate through the stormy seas of a fiercely contested game.

And isn’t control what it's all about? Whether navigating the frenzied dance of pickleball or maneuvering through life with the weight of a city’s hopes and dreams on one's shoulders, control, comfort, and identity are the guiding stars.

In the hands of the beholder, this isn't just a tool; it's a statement, a declaration echoing through the sunlit valleys and sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. It whispers of nights electrified with anticipation, of moments where time itself seemed to stand still, caught in the mesmerizing dance of a leather ball through a net.

This LA Lakers Pickleball Paddle isn’t simply an object; it’s a story, a legend, a piece of history cradled in the palm of your hands. Through it, we do not just play; we celebrate, we remember, and most importantly, we belong. And in the grand tapestry of life, belonging is the sweetest victory of all.


  1. Limited Edition: With only 100 available, it's an exclusive product that could become a collectible for fans.
  2. Collaboration with NBALAB: The partnership with the NBA's development incubator suggests a level of authenticity and quality.
  3. Unique Design: The integration of LA Lakers branding offers fans a fresh way to showcase their loyalty outside of the typical jerseys and hats.
  4. High-Quality Construction: The paddle boasts a durable fiberglass surface and a robust honeycomb interior, ensuring longevity and performance.
  5. Comfortable Grip: The sweat-proof custom grip ensures the player's comfort and control, enhancing the gameplay experience.
  6. Official Licensing: Being officially licensed by the Los Angeles Lakers and NBALAB adds to the authenticity of the product.
  7. Collectible Packaging: The double window box enhances its value as a collector's item.


  1. Price: At $69.99, the price might be on the higher side for some pickleball enthusiasts, especially if compared to non-branded paddles.
  2. Limited Availability: With only 100 units, many fans or pickleball players might miss out on the opportunity to own one.
  3. Niche Appeal: The design specifically targets Lakers fans, which might not appeal to a broader audience or fans of other teams.
  4. Maintenance: The fiberglass surface might require more care and attention than other materials to maintain its pristine look.
  5. Weight Variability: The grip's circumference is stated to be between 3.9-4.0 inches, which could mean there's slight variability in product consistency.


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