Rogue Kabuki Kadillac Bar – the King of multi-grip cambered bench bars

Better for your wrist and increased range of motion

Yes you can do bench press with a barbell but it's a lot better to do it with a cambered bar like the Rogue Kabuki Kadillac Bar. Unlike a barbell, which is straight all the way, a cambered bar has a curve in the middle. This creates space to allow you to do a bench press with a better range of motion. The Kabuki Kadillac doesn't just have a curve, it also has 10°, 12.5°, and 15° grip angles spaced 15.3”, 22.3”, and 29.2” apart for improved movement mechanics and offers various exercise variations. The slightly angled neutral grips also puts your wrist at an ideal position to prevent injury.

Although originally designed for bench presses, the Kabuki bar can also be used for curls, skull crushers, rows, lat pull-downs, and more. The textured powder coated finish makes it easier to grip by making it less likely to slip. You can upgrade to a special matte black finish that transform the surface of the steel instead of simply coating to make it more corrosion resistant.

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