Rocky Talkie: Rugged Terrain Ready with Extended Battery Life

Rugged, Durable, Extended Battery, Communicative, Reliable

In the cold and rugged embrace of the Colorado Rockies, where the air is thin and every step can mean triumph or peril, communication is more than just a necessity—it’s a lifeline. The Rocky Talkie emerges from this backdrop, a testament to the relentless pursuit of adventurers Bryce Jones and Alex Page, who craved a device that was as steadfast and hardy as their own spirits.

Designed specifically for those of us who dare to tread where the path fades away—climbers, skiers, and backcountry explorers—it promises to keep your voice echoing even through the harshest of terrains. One can't help but marvel at its robust construction. With a thermoplastic shield and shatterproof LED screen, it defiantly withstands what nature throws its way. And, my friends, we all know too well that when you’re halfway up a cliff or knee-deep in powder, fumbling is not an option. That ultra-light Mammut® Wall Light Carabiner and the reinforced leash aren't just bells and whistles—they're lifelines, ensuring your Talkie stays close, even when your thoughts wander to the wild yonder.

What truly stands out about this nifty device is its sheer simplicity amidst advanced features. It calls out with the ferocity of 2-watts, the most you can summon without bureaucratic red tape, ensuring you're heard loud and clear. And yet, it demands no puzzling setup, no laborious configurations. It’s as eager as you are, ready to roll the moment it's unboxed. Its electronics are refreshingly intuitive. A mere five buttons stand between you and a world of advanced features, like privacy codes that keep unwanted eavesdroppers at bay.

But here's the real gem: a battery life that feels like it lasts an eternity. Or more realistically, 3 to 5 days even in chilling conditions that would send shivers down the spine of lesser gadgets. Ever been stuck on a snowy ledge with a dead radio? No fun, let me tell you.

While the Rocky Talkie boasts of stretching its voice up to 25 miles in perfect conditions, one would do well to temper their expectations in the craggy backcountry or dense forests where 1 to 5 miles or even half a mile is more the norm. But fret not, for even in the urban jungle's maze, it promises to relay your calls up to a mile.

And if you're a fan of sustainability like yours truly, you'll appreciate the efforts of its creators. Not only have they committed to durability and utility, but they also have a heart that beats for the community. Every purchase sends a $2 donation to the unsung heroes of the wild – search and rescue teams.

To wrap up, in the realm of outdoor gear, where one is inundated with a barrage of choices, the Rocky Talkie emerges, not just as a device but as a trusted companion. It’s the voice in the silence, the song in the storm. Safe travels, and may your adventures always have a clear channel.


  1. Designed for Rugged Terrain: Specifically tested in the challenging environment of the Colorado Rockies, ensuring high reliability for outdoor adventurers.
  2. Extended Battery Life: A specialized lithium-ion battery offers 3-5 days of battery life, even in extremely cold conditions.
  3. Durability: Features like a shatterproof LED screen and thermoplastic protective covering make it resistant to the wear and tear of outdoor use.
  4. No License Required: Transmits the maximum power legally allowed without necessitating a license.
  5. Simple Operation: Ready to use out of the box, with an intuitive design that has just 5 buttons, balancing simplicity with advanced features.
  6. Secure Attachment: Ultra-light carabiner and a metal-reinforced backup leash ensure it stays attached even in rough conditions.
  7. Charitable Contribution: A portion from every sale ($2 per radio) is donated to search and rescue teams, supporting community safety.
  8. Versatile Use: With a range suitable for various terrains from open areas to mountains and forests.
  9. Privacy Features: Offers 121 privacy codes to prevent unwanted interferences.
  10. Sustainable Commitment: The brand demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, ensuring eco-conscious users can support the product.


  1. Not Fully Waterproof: While splashproof and snowproof (IP56), it isn't submergible, which might be a limitation in some extreme wet conditions.
  2. Variable Range: While it boasts a 25+ miles range in line-of-sight conditions, this dramatically reduces in rougher terrains. Users need to be aware of these limitations in the backcountry.
  3. Young Brand: Founded in late 2019, it doesn’t have the longstanding reputation of some older brands in the market.
  4. Charging Temperature Limitations: The device needs to be charged between 0° to 100° fahrenheit, which could be restrictive in extremely cold environments.

Remember, while this product offers a plethora of benefits for the adventure seeker, it's essential to weigh these against the potential limitations based on individual needs.

$110 (1 Radios)

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