Ride Beyond Limits with QuietKat Lynx’s 1000W Motor

Adventurous, Powerful, Smart, Stylish, Versatile

If you're the kind of individual whose heart beats a little faster at the very mention of urban exploration or backcountry adventure, then sit tight. We're about to journey into a world where the rubber meets the road—or the dirt path—in the most exhilarating way possible. The QuietKat Lynx, an electric bike modeled after the iconic cafe racers of yesteryear, is more than just a pretty face. It's an adrenaline-pumping, thrill-inducing machine that seamlessly blends utility with flair.

You've got 1000 watts of hub-drive power humming beneath you, courtesy of VPO (Variable Power Output) Technology. This lets you toggle effortlessly between various modes—from Class 1 to Unlimited—just by touching a control. Whether you're slicing through the concrete jungle, gliding through suburbia, or tearing up a mountain trail, the Lynx ensures you've got the right amount of oomph for your environment. A two-speed hub drive motor backs you up, delivering power without guzzling battery life. You're staring down 60+ miles of range with a swappable 20Ah internal battery. Range anxiety? Not on this ride.

Forget about fiddling with multiple devices. Your smartphone transforms into a command center thanks to the QuietKat app. From GPS monitoring to ride tracking to remote locking and unlocking capabilities, it's like having a personal assistant who knows just how much air pressure you like in your tires. Not to mention, you get maintenance reminders and future updates through Bluetooth connectivity, keeping you ahead of the curve.

The aesthetics? Downright irresistible. It's as if a classic cafe racer had an electric lovechild with the future. The saddle—a large, synthetic leather masterpiece—lets you find your comfort zone whether you're on a leisurely jaunt or a pulse-pounding expedition. Throw in an ultra-bright HALO headlight, and you can confidently ride from twilight to the dead of night.

The Lynx isn't skimping on the build quality either. You get alloy framing with 100mm of travel and internal cable routing. When it comes to suspension, you’re riding on a cloud thanks to KKE's 203mm inverted mechanical coil fork and a 210x50mm rear coil shock. This machine can take what you dish out, whether it’s asphalt or rugged trails.

Is it worth the $3,999 sticker price? If you're after an experience, a story to tell, a ride that turns even a trip to the grocery store into a mini-adventure, then yes, every penny.

So, throw on your leather jacket, rev up that 1000W motor, and hit the road—or wherever you damn well please. Because in this world, boundaries are meant to be broken, and the QuietKat Lynx is your ticket to tearing them down.


  1. Powerful Motor: With a 1000W hub-drive motor, the Lynx offers the power you'd expect from higher-end e-bikes, ensuring strong performance whether you're on city streets or rugged trails.
  2. Variable Modes: VPO Technology allows riders to switch between Class 1, 2, 3, and even Unlimited Modes, tailoring the ride to specific environments. It's like having multiple bikes in one.
  3. Extended Range: A swappable 20Ah internal battery gives you up to 60+ miles per charge, significantly reducing any range anxiety you might have.
  4. Smart Connectivity: The QuietKat app transforms your smartphone into a multifunctional control center, offering features like GPS monitoring, ride tracking, and remote lock/unlock.
  5. High-Quality Design: Inspired by cafe racer aesthetics, the Lynx offers a synthetic leather saddle for comfort and an ultra-bright HALO headlight for night riding.
  6. Premium Build: The bike's alloy frame and premium suspension ensure a durable and smooth ride on multiple terrains.
  7. Safety and Quality Assurance: An industry-leading 109-point inspection offers peace of mind about the bike's safety and build quality.


  1. Price: At $3,999, the Lynx is certainly an investment, potentially placing it out of reach for some interested riders.
  2. Weight: The bike weighs 100 lbs, including the battery, making it a bit cumbersome if you have to carry it up stairs or load it into a vehicle.
  3. Single-Speed Gears: While the Lynx has a lot of power options through its motor, it comes with single-speed gears, which may limit versatility for some riders.
  4. Battery Charging Time: The charging time for the 20Ah internal battery isn't provided, but larger batteries generally take longer to charge, which could be a concern for some users.
  5. Rider Height Limitations: With a recommended rider height between 5′ and 6'5″, the bike may not be suitable for those who fall outside this range.
  6. Complexity for New Users: With its various modes, app features, and other tech elements, the Lynx might have a steep learning curve for those new to e-bikes or technology.

In summary, the QuietKat Lynx packs a lot of power, versatility, and smart features into a well-designed package. However, these come at a high price and with some considerations around weight and complexity.


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