Revel Bikes Ranger 2023 – Unleashing the Ultimate Cross-Country Beast

Revolutionary, agile, durable, fast, versatile

Revel Bikes, based in Carbondale, Colorado, has just released a new version of their popular XC bike called the Ranger. This bike is well-known for outperforming its specs in almost every category. The short-travel 29er is great for going downhill and remains unfazed even if you push it hard or take a bad line.

The new model comes with several updates, including increased lateral stiffness, improved tire and chainring clearance, and a one-tool system for better bearing serviceability and life. The updated Ranger features a new rear triangle, links, shock mounting hardware, and SRAM's forward-compatible UDH Derailleur hanger, which allows riders to use SRAM Eagle Transmission drivetrains.

The bike is designed with a collet axle and larger 15mm bearings on the lower rearward pivot, providing increased frame stiffness, improved clearance, easier maintenance, and a quieter ride. The rear triangle has been improved with an updated carbon layup for added stiffness, and it now includes titanium shock mounting and a custom shock tune from RockShox.

Other features of the new Ranger include a threaded bottom bracket, fully guided internal routing, an integrated headset, and multiple mounting options for bottles and other accessories. The bike is available in two colors: Tang and De La Coal, and comes in Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large frame sizes.

The new Ranger was launched on April 11 and can be found on Revel's website at various price points, depending on the specs you're after. A full bike with SRAM XX Eagle Transmission will set you back $11,500, while downgrading to SRAM XO Eagle Transmission reduces the price to $8,500. If you're just looking for the updated frame, it's available for $3,600.

Pros of the Revel Bikes Ranger:

  1. Performance: The bike outperforms its specs in almost every category, excelling in downhill rides and handling technical terrain with ease.
  2. Improved design: The new model features increased lateral stiffness and tire and chainring clearance, offering enhanced performance and versatility.
  3. Simple maintenance: The one-tool system for bearing serviceability and the larger 15mm bearings on the lower rearward pivot make maintenance easier.
  4. Updated hardware: The Ranger includes a new rear triangle, links, shock mounting hardware, and a forward-compatible UDH Derailleur hanger.
  5. Compatibility: The bike is designed to work with the latest drivetrain technologies, such as SRAM's Eagle Transmission drivetrains.
  6. Stiffness and durability: The improved carbon layup in the rear triangle and the use of titanium shock mounting contribute to the bike's stiffness and durability.
  7. Additional features: The Ranger has a threaded bottom bracket, fully guided internal routing, an integrated headset, and multiple mounting options for bottles and accessories.
  8. Color and size options: The bike comes in two color options (Tang and De La Coal) and four frame sizes (Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large).

Cons of the Revel Bikes Ranger:

  1. Weight: The bike is described as being a little heavy, which might be a concern for some riders.
  2. Pedal strikes: The XL size tends to suffer from more pedal strikes than desired, as noted in the GearJunkie review.
  3. Price: The Ranger comes with a high price tag, especially for the full bike with SRAM XX Eagle Transmission ($11,500). However, there are less expensive build options available on Ranger v1.
  4. Limited availability: The new Ranger with Eagle Transmission is available in limited quantities, with shipping expected in Spring 2023.
  5. Learning curve: As a high-performance bike with advanced features, some riders may need time to adapt and get the most out of the bike's capabilities.
  6. Not beginner-friendly: The bike's price, features, and performance characteristics may make it less suitable for beginner riders, who may not fully benefit from its capabilities or justify the investment.
  7. Potential for proprietary components: Some of the updated hardware, such as the SRAM UDH derailleur hanger, might limit the compatibility with non-SRAM components. This could potentially make repairs or upgrades more challenging and limit options for customization.
  8. Shipping delays: While the shipping date is set for Spring 2023, there may be potential delays due to the limited availability and high demand for the bike.

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