Retyre Urban Winter Tire Skins Give You More Grip in Winter

Zipping on the retyre tire skin

Winter is coming.

I depend on my bike a lot for commuting and the worst time to ride a bike is in winter. Not only is the wind trying to freeze your face, the road is trying to kill you by being slippery as hell.

The common practice to have more grip in the winter is to use special winter tires or let some air out of the tires you have.

Letting air out of your tires may be a good idea but it’s probably not going to work if you have skinny road tires.

Retyre Urban Winter and All Terrain in its box

Retyre Urban Winter

Instead of changing tires for the winter, the Urban Winter Retyre skin allows you to zip on studded tires to your existing tires easily without tools. You don’t even have to take your wheels off.

The skin has optimized tread and rubber for winter conditions, and 156 metal studs to provide a good grip on ice.

Retyre All Terrain

Retyre also makes skins that allows you to ride your raod bike offroad. Simply zip on the the Retyre All Terrain skin to your road tires and offraod you go.

The Tyre 2.0

This is the World's first modular tire. It claims to be an optimal road tire with excellent grip, low rolling resistance, and puncture protection.

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