Reax Lift – the only barbell that improves motor response

Unstable barbell weights

Lifting an unstable weight requires more effort from the muscles to work together to keep balance and control the weight. This extra effort can produce better results even with less weight while increasing the user's motor responses.

One of the key features of the Reax Lift is its ability to provide variable resistance during exercises. This is achieved through the use of specially designed fluid-filled plates that are shaped like donuts and can be loaded onto the arms of the lift. These plates are designed to move around and shift during use, providing a dynamic and unstable surface that requires users to engage their stabilizing muscles to maintain balance and control.

This donut-shaped plate filled with fluid is called a Lift Disc and is available from 5 kg to 25 kg. It can be attached to a bungee before being loaded onto the barbell for increased difficulty.

The variable resistance feature of the Reax Lift makes it a highly effective tool for improving core strength, balance, and stability. It can also be used for traditional strength training exercises, such as bench press and overhead press, with the added benefit of the variable resistance.

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