Propella 9S Pro V2: Transition from Streets to Trails with Ease

Versatile, Sleek, Safe, Responsive, Innovative

In the vast landscape of urban commuting, the Propella 9S Pro V2 rises as a sleek fusion of tech and practicality. As the heartbeat of Redmond pulses, the city streets witness a new denizen – this sophisticated, blue-wheeled creature that feels almost alive as it seamlessly merges man with machine.

With its daily commute DNA, the 9S Pro V2 isn’t just confined to city limits. Its duality comes alive when you decide to veer off the beaten path, inviting the thrill-seeker in you for some moderate off-roading. Dive into the alleys, dart through the parks, or chase the horizon on those gravel trails – this ebike embraces versatility.

The bike's Mivice 500-W rear-hub motor, a replacement for the former Vinka drive, introduces an intriguing dance of zero-resistance, making every ride smooth and exhilarating. The true genius, however, is in the torque sensor, which brings a novel depth to the cycling experience. Instead of just speed dictating your ride, power at the pedal becomes the maestro, orchestrating a ride that feels instinctive and raw, yet electronically enhanced, up to a brisk 20 mph.

Beyond its impressive motor tech, the bike’s energy source – the 360-Wh downtube battery – now boasts the trusted quality of LG’s 21700 Li-ion cells. The promise? An enviable range of up to 55 miles with pedal-assist on its gentlest setting. That's a week of city commutes, or perhaps a long weekend ride into the countryside.

But it's not just the battery and motor that give a nod to safety. Every electrical facet of the 9S Pro V2 has been engineered to meet the highest safety standards, attested by its UL certification. Safety, after all, is paramount when you’re zipping through bustling streets or negotiating rugged terrains.

And then there’s the frame. For the very first time, Propella offers a choice. A step-through frame, perfect for those who value ease over everything, allowing quick mounting and dismounting. But if tradition tugs at your heart, the step-over design beckons, exuding a timeless appeal with a slightly sportier demeanor.

Gleaming under city lights or the rustic sun, the 27.5-inch anodized blue alloy rims are quite the head-turner, especially when paired with 2-inch-wide CST tires. Add to that the responsive hydraulic disc brakes, a colorful LCD display that’s more than just eye candy, and an ever-vigilant integrated headlight, and you've got a machine built for modern times.

The entire package? A fairly light 42.5 pounds, including the battery but excluding some add-ons. And for those who've already been won over, a mere $200 down payment secures this masterpiece, with the rest of its $1,299 price tag due upon delivery, estimated to start this December.

The Propella 9S Pro V2 doesn’t just ride the wave of ebike evolution; it defines it. Here’s a machine that knows its rider, that understands the rhythm of the streets and the call of the wild. For the modern commuter, the weekend adventurer, or the urban explorer, this isn’t just a bike – it’s a statement. One of style, tech, and a touch of rebellion. Join the ride.


  1. Versatility: Designed primarily for urban commutes, but can handle moderate off-roading, making it suitable for various terrains.
  2. Updated Motor System: The Mivice 500-W zero-resistance rear-hub motor ensures a smooth ride and offers substantial power.
  3. Torque Sensor: This feature allows the motor to respond to power at the pedal, providing a more natural and responsive ride compared to speed-based systems.
  4. Long Battery Life: The 360-Wh battery, made with LG's reliable 21700 Li-ion cells, can offer up to 55 miles of pedal-assist, covering long commutes or extended leisure rides.
  5. Safety Certified: The battery and motor system are UL-certified, ensuring they meet high safety standards.
  6. Two Frame Options: Introduction of a step-through frame broadens accessibility and appeal for different riders.
  7. Comprehensive Display: Color LCD displays pertinent ride details like speed, battery level, and more.
  8. Integrated Features: Comes with an integrated headlight, providing added safety for nighttime rides.
  9. High-Quality Components: From hydraulic disc brakes to a 9-speed Shimano gearset, the bike is equipped with reliable parts for enhanced performance and durability.


  1. Weight: At 42.5 pounds, some might find it slightly heavier than desired for an ebike, especially if carrying or transporting without power assistance.
  2. Price Point: With a total cost of $1,299, it might be a significant investment for some, especially when compared to non-electric commuter bikes.
  3. Battery Brand Change: The shift from Samsung to LG for the battery cells might be a concern for those who had a preference or specific trust in the former.
  4. Limited Frame Size Options: The two size options might not cater to individuals outside the specified height ranges.
  5. Pre-order Waiting Time: Shipping starts in December, which means there's a waiting period for those wanting immediate availability.


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