Porsche eBikes: A Blend of Speed, Strength, and Aesthetics

Porsche's eBikes: Performance, Versatility, and Style

As a lover of all things unique and fast, I find myself intrigued by Porsche's venture into the eBike realm. A couple of machines from this illustrious marque have caught my eye; one's the eBike Cross Performance and its slightly more extravagant sibling, the Cross Performance EXC. These aren't your everyday cruisers; they've been crafted in collaboration with Rotwild, a specialist in eBike dynamics.

The Porsche Cross Performance seems to promise both power and poise. With a Fox Factory suspension and a 630 WH battery backing the Shimano EP-801 motor, this bike's ready for the concrete jungle or the untamed trail. Whether you're clawing your way uphill or surfing down a slope, the 12-speed Shimano rear derailleur's got you covered. Moreover, you've got two riding profiles at your disposal, each finely adjustable to your ride style. The gear system's got some intriguing features as well; Auto Shift and Free Shift. The first does the thinking for you, while the latter offers shifting without the need for crank movement.

Stopping power is often underestimated, but not here. The MT7 brake system from Magura commands respect with its robust four-piston caliper. Your ride's kept smooth with a 120 mm travel Fox 34 Float Factory suspension fork and a 100 mm travel Fox Float DPS Factory air shock in the back. Another standout is the Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro Carbon wheel set that promises stability, with different spoke tensions for the front and rear.

Styling isn't an afterthought either. The carbon frame, which takes design cues from Porsche’s signature “flyline” – the swooping roofline seen on classics like the 911 and the Taycan, wears its performance lettering proudly in a color scheme that matches the Fox Factory. It's undeniably slick.

The Cross Performance EXC takes things up a notch, allowing you to customize it with six original Porsche vehicle colors, ranging from Star Ruby Neo to Shark Blue. These aren't just colors, they're an homage to Porsche's rich heritage, with many of them holding a cult status among the brand's enthusiasts.

Alongside the newbies, the existing Sport and Cross models are also getting some fresh touches. Both are getting the Shimano EP-801 motor while the eBike Sport also gets a Shimano XT DI2 12-speed rear derailleur with Free Shift function.

To ensure a fit for every rider, these eBikes are available in three sizes, each associated with a specific height range. It's worth noting the weight limit here; these bikes can carry up to 120 kg, including the rider and luggage.

As for pricing, the Cross Performance is priced at €12,900 while the Cross Performance EXC goes for €13,900. Some may find this a little steep, but remember, we're talking about a blend of technology, performance, and design that reflects Porsche's automotive legacy. It's a unique offering for those who love the thrill of speed, both on and off the road.

In a world where transportation is constantly evolving, it's quite refreshing to see a luxury car manufacturer like Porsche dip their toes into the eBike market. Whether you're an off-road adventurer or a city slicker, these new offerings from Porsche have something for you.


  1. High-Quality Components: With top-of-the-line components like the Shimano EP-801 motor, Fox Factory suspension, and the Shimano 12-speed rear derailleur, these eBikes are designed for performance and reliability.
  2. Versatility: The bikes are capable of handling a variety of terrains, from asphalt to trail. This versatility is enhanced by adjustable riding profiles, offering customization to suit different riding styles and conditions.
  3. Sophisticated Technology: Advanced features like Auto Shift and Free Shift provide a smooth and effortless riding experience. The ability to individually set up to 15 support parameters in the Fine Tune Mode further enhances customization.
  4. Premium Design: Drawing from Porsche's iconic vehicle aesthetics, these eBikes come with a sleek carbon frame design, further accentuated by the selection of original Porsche vehicle colors for the Cross Performance EXC model.
  5. Safety and Control: With the MT7 brake system from Magura and the high-quality Fox suspension system, riders can expect a high level of safety and control on their rides.


  1. High Cost: Porsche's eBikes come with a hefty price tag. For many potential buyers, the cost of these bikes (€12,900 and €13,900) may be prohibitive, especially compared to other eBikes on the market.
  2. Weight: The weight of these eBikes at 21 kilograms might be considered heavy, which could make them less convenient for urban commuting, particularly if riders need to carry the bike up stairs or store it in tight spaces.
  3. Limited Color Choices for Basic Model: While the Cross Performance EXC comes with a range of color options, the basic Cross Performance model seems to lack this customization option.
  4. High Maintenance Cost: Given the high-end components and technology used in these bikes, the cost of maintenance and potential repairs could be quite high compared to more basic eBike models.
  5. Limited Availability: As per the announcement, these bikes are only available at selected Porsche Centers and Porsche Design Stores, and online at specific Porsche websites, which may limit accessibility for interested buyers.

It's clear that Porsche's eBikes offer a unique blend of performance, technology, and design that's in line with the brand's luxury sports car heritage. However, they also come with certain limitations, particularly in terms of cost and potential upkeep, which prospective buyers will need to consider.

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