Polygon Helios A8X: Aerodynamic Excellence Meets Climbing Mastery in One Road Bike

Aerodynamic, Lightweight, Controlled, Efficient

In the savage ballet of road cycling, the player's battle is not solely with the pavement and the relentless ticking of the clock. The unseen forces of wind and gravity are foes just as real, just as relentless. It's in this theater of raw nature where the Polygon Helios A8X enters, not just another tool in the toolbox, but a symphony of engineering that dares to redefine what it means to be fast.

Ah, speed. That thrilling pursuit that we, the cyclists, engage in – a passionate dance with the elements, where each heartbeat, each pedal stroke, is a note in the melody of motion. The Helios A8X is here to guide you through this dance, with its form and finesse honed by the very laws of nature itself.

It begins with the raindrop, that humble teacher of aerodynamics. Ever watched a raindrop slice through the air, unburdened by turbulence, unhampered by hesitation? That's the essence captured by the Helios, with a sleek frame designed to cut through the air, achieving a staggering 24% reduction in drag. You're not fighting nature; you're becoming part of it.

But what of the hills, those daunting obstacles that challenge both body and spirit? The Helios knows these, too. With a lightweight frame, a mere 800 grams, it's built to make you defy gravity, to fly on the climbs. Reinforced bottom bracket and right chainstay translate your effort directly to the road, no power lost, no compromise. The road rises, but so do you.

However, a machine that only understands speed is a machine incomplete. Helios is tuned to the human body, adapting to the imperfections of the road, absorbing the bumps, the twists, the turns. With wider tires and strategic reinforcements, it lets you control, corner, and conquer.

And, of course, it is a marvel in the fine details, with the finish of JET BLACK and the high-end SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 drive-train. A glance at the ENTITY WR5 DISC wheels reveals its readiness for the wild, with tubeless tape installed and SHIMANO ULTEGRA hydraulic disc brakes ready to bring you to a halt.

Polygon, the creator of the Helios, began as a small Indonesian business, but their belief in the transformative power of cycling brought them to a global stage. They aren't just manufacturing bicycles; they're crafting experiences, connecting technology and passion, weaving millions of dreams on two wheels. The Helios A8X is a proud testament to this legacy.


  1. Aerodynamic Efficiency: Designed to reduce drag, it offers a 24% improvement over previous models.
  2. Lightness for Climbing: With a frame weighing only 800 grams, it's engineered for effortless climbs.
  3. Synchronized to the Rider: Built with the rider in mind, it offers superior control and responsiveness.
  4. High-Quality Components: Equipped with premium parts such as SHIMANO ULTEGRA drive-train for top-tier performance.


  1. Price Tag: The cost of $4,699 may place it out of reach for some cyclists.
  2. Limited Color Options: With only JET BLACK available, it lacks variety in aesthetics.


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