Pinarello Grevil Ekar Gravel Bike: Aero Perfection Meets Gravel Domination

Aerodynamic, Robust, Versatile, Innovative, Race-Ready

Biking down a gravel road, feeling every rock and bump, hearing the crunch beneath you – it's one of those experiences that immediately draws you into the moment. It's a tactile, visceral reminder that, sometimes, the road less traveled is the most rewarding one. So, when you find yourself on such a road, you'd better be sure you're riding the right bike.

Enter the Pinarello Grevil Ekar Gravel Bike. This isn't just another gravel bike; it's an audacious step into the future of off-road cycling. Pinarello, a name synonymous with racing prestige, took the gravel world by storm with this model, challenging our previous conceptions of what gravel biking could be.

Aero matters, even on the gravel. It's not just about looking sleek; it's about feeling the wind on your side, not against you. The Grevil Ekar’s aerodynamic design, from its flat back profile that minimizes drag, especially when bottles are mounted, to the ingenious ForkFlap that streamlines airflow over the front end, ensures that every push on the pedal translates into forward momentum.

Then there’s the TICR – or the complete integration of brake and shifter cables. This feature not only boosts aerodynamics but also simplifies attaching bags, a nod to the pragmatism that underpins adventure cycling.

As for the bike's geometry, it's a blend of race and comfort. The Grevil F offers a slightly shorter reach and a higher stack compared to your typical road bike. This stretched-out position means enhanced comfort and handling, especially vital when you’re hurtling down a gravel trail at speeds approaching 70km/h. And with chain stays that measure between 422-425mm, riders get a sweet spot between bike responsiveness and comfort.

The bike’s twin arms design is another marvel. The symmetrical rear triangles ensure uniform energy transmission, while also offering impressive vibration absorption. These features, coupled with the T700 carbon fiber from Toray, make for a ride that’s both sturdy and smooth.

With all this tech and design, Pinarello could've easily slapped on a hefty price tag. But starting at $3,999, they've made performance accessible. Whether you opt for the CAMPAGNOLO EKAR, SHIMANO GRX 815DI2, or SRAM RIVAL ETAP AXS model, you're getting world-class design and engineering.

For the adventurers out there, the thrill-seekers, the ones who never back down from a challenge, the Pinarello Grevil Ekar Gravel Bike isn't just a means to an end. It's a statement. A statement that you refuse to compromise, that you demand the best, and that wherever the road takes you, you're ready to conquer it. So gear up, hit the trail, and let the Grevil take you places you've only dreamt of.


  1. Aerodynamic Design: The bike boasts a flat back profile and ForkFlap, optimizing airflow and reducing drag, making it one of the most aerodynamic gravel bikes.
  2. Integrated Cabling (TICR): The full integration of brake and shifter cables offers both an aerodynamic edge and a hassle-free setup when attaching bags.
  3. Optimized Geometry: The Grevil F's geometry, with its shorter reach and higher stack, provides a balance between comfort and aggressive race positioning.
  4. Versatility: Its design allows for great wheel clearance, and it’s compatible with both 700c or 650b wheels, catering to varied rider preferences.
  5. Twin Arms Design: This design ensures even energy transmission and better vibration absorption, making for a smoother ride.
  6. High-Quality Material: Made from T700 carbon fiber from Toray, the bike promises a perfect balance between rigidity and vibration absorption.
  7. Pricing: Given the advanced features and prestigious brand name, the starting price of $3,999 offers good value for money.
  8. Model Options: With models featuring CAMPAGNOLO EKAR, SHIMANO GRX 815DI2, and SRAM RIVAL ETAP AXS, riders have a range of gearing options to choose from.


  1. Price Point: While it offers good value for its features, the starting price might still be steep for casual riders or those on a tight budget.
  2. Brand Expectation: Pinarello is a brand known for its high-end road bikes. Traditionalists or those unfamiliar with the brand's gravel lineup might be skeptical of its off-road prowess.
  3. Weight: The use of T700 carbon, while balancing rigidity and vibration absorption, might not be as lightweight as some of the higher-grade carbon options available in the market.
  4. Specialized Design: The bike is heavily focused on racing and performance, which might not cater to riders looking for a more relaxed or all-round gravel experience.

From $3,999

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