Pinarello Dogma X: The Ultimate Endurance Road Bike Experience

Innovative, Endurance-focused, Comfortable, Stiff, Sleek

On the winding roads and long stretches where endurance meets passion, there's a new partner for the wanderlust-driven: Pinarello's Dogma X. A successor to the renowned Dogma F launched in 2021, the Dogma X isn't just another bike in Pinarello's repertoire. It's an ode to those who measure time in miles and heartbeats, for whom the journey is both the means and the end.

The charm of Dogma X isn't just skin deep. The new X-Stays seat stay design is an immediate attention grabber. This unique design, with its extra ‘X' of material and carbon fibre tubes, isn't just for show. It's a testament to the brand's commitment to balancing ride comfort with performance. By dispersing forces on two points of the seat tube, the vibrations to the rider's back are significantly reduced, which, for those familiar with long rides, is a game-changer. Additionally, the design offers increased lateral stiffness. The choice to accommodate up to 35mm tyres gives this bike versatility on varied terrains, making it as comfortable on city streets as it is on country roads.

The heart of Dogma X is its Japanese T1100 1K carbon fibre from Toray, a material heralded for setting new benchmarks in stiffness and weight. It's like equipping a marathon runner with the lightest yet sturdiest shoes. The X-Series, although slightly less premium, also boasts the same dedication to quality, with the X9 and X7 models featuring T900 carbon fibre and the X5 model fitted with T700-grade carbon.

While we're on the subject of the X series, the brand has also expanded its range with the introduction of X9, X7, and X5 models. Pinarello's Endurance+ geometry is particularly noteworthy here, promoting a more relaxed riding position. It's a nod to realism, acknowledging that not every rider wants or needs the aggressive stance of a race bike. The approach ensures that cyclists of all sizes and preferences can find their fit without resorting to awkward adjustments.

Under the hood of the Dogma X, riders can expect top-tier components like Shimano Dura-Ace, Sram Red, or Campagnolo Super Record WR. The choice of wheels from Princeton or Campagnolo Bora, depending on the model, only underscores Pinarello's commitment to quality. And the in-house brand MOST provides reliable cockpits and seatposts, consistent with the Dogma F12.

Now, design and specs aside, what does this all mean for the rider? Ultimate comfort paired with stellar performance. The aero position combined with the Endurance+ geometry means you can spend hours on the saddle without compromising your ride's enjoyment. The bike's asymmetry compensates for the unbalanced forces, ensuring a symmetrical riding experience. And with the ability to accommodate up to 35mm tires, there's a promise of both comfort and speed.

In essence, Pinarello's Dogma X is where form meets function in a seamless dance. For the rider seeking a partner for those long days in the saddle, where the world blurs into a mix of asphalt, sun, and wind, this might just be the companion you've been waiting for. Happy riding!


  1. Endurance Focused: Designed specifically for long rides, ensuring that the rider remains comfortable even during extended saddle time.
  2. Innovative X-Stays Design: This unique seat stay design not only looks eye-catching but also effectively reduces vibrations to the cyclist's back, enhancing ride comfort.
  3. High-Quality Material: The use of Japanese T1100 1K carbon fibre from Toray in the Dogma X ensures a great stiffness-to-weight ratio, enhancing bike performance.
  4. Tyre Versatility: Can accommodate up to 35mm tyres, ensuring versatility across different terrains and conditions.
  5. Endurance+ Geometry: This geometry promotes a more relaxed riding position suitable for a broader range of cyclists, allowing for better fit customization without excessive adjustments.
  6. Top-Tier Components: Equipped with leading components like Shimano Dura-Ace, Sram Red, or Campagnolo Super Record WR, ensuring a high-performance ride.
  7. Asymmetric Frame Design: Balances torsional forces ensuring a symmetrical riding experience, optimizing force distribution during rides.


  1. Premium Pricing: Given the top-tier components and high-quality carbon fibre, the Dogma X is likely to come with a hefty price tag, potentially making it inaccessible for some.
  2. Weight Considerations: While the T1100 1K carbon fibre is light, the X-Series models use slightly lower-grade carbon, which carries a weight penalty.
  3. Complexity for Casual Riders: The extensive features and specs, while fantastic for enthusiasts, might be overwhelming for more casual riders.
  4. Potential Maintenance: Advanced designs and proprietary components might make maintenance and finding replacement parts more challenging or expensive compared to more standard bikes.
  5. Design Specificity: The unique ‘X' seat stay design is not present in all models of the range, which might be a disappointment for some who value that design but might be looking at the more affordable models in the range.
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