Pi-Pop E-Bike: A One-Size-Fits-Most Solution Powered by Super-Capacitors

Adaptive, Sustainable, Versatile, Quality, Comfort

Ah, the smell of fresh tarmac under rubber tires, the sizzle of electricity merging with pedal power—yes, we're talking about the Pi-Pop, the third-generation e-bike that wants to be your green knight in shining armor. Or rather, shining aluminum. Available only in a pearly white hue, it begs to be a blank canvas on which you project your daily ambitions. Whether you're cruising through the veins of the city or crossing bridges that stretch like sinew between urban and suburban realms, this bike wants to be part of your narrative.

Let's get down to its vitals. Built with a standard city frame, this aluminum chariot fits a range of humans—from those standing at 1.55m all the way up to 1.85m. The seat and stem are adjustable, making it a flexible companion on your urban quests. It's a one-size-fits-most proposition, so no fussing around with multiple options.

What powers this knight of the road? Super-capacitors. Now, that's not something conjured from a comic book; it's a real deal. These things give you a lifespan of 10 to 15 years and are recyclable. Forget fossil fuel guzzlers; this is your eco-friendly steed. With its Aikema Electric Drive Systems, it pledges not just to assist but to adapt, whether you're facing uphill battles or coasting down avenues of ease. Available 24/7, the electric boost will sweep you along at speeds up to 25 km/h.

As for how it handles the road, let's talk about its feet—or rather, wheels. Rolling on 28-inch Velox rims shod in Michelin VTC urban tires, it promises a smooth and stable journey. The Zoom 141D telescopic fork acts like a shock absorber for your urban adventures, and TEKTRO MD-M280 disc brakes give you the stopping power you need when life throws you a curveball. Add Shimano’s 7-speed RevoShift for versatile gear action, and you've got a bike that's ready for anything the concrete jungle can dish out.

A special nod to its saddle—Selle Royal's Ellipse Relaxed with 3D SkinGel padding. This seat's not just a placeholder; it's a throne. It invites you to sit, not perch. As you sail through the landscape of glass, steel, and occasional greenery, it cradles you in a way that says, “You've got this, and I've got you.”

The Pi-Pop is asking for a commitment of €2450, but before you balk at the price, consider what it offers: a sustainable, adaptable, and comfortable mode of transport that, quite frankly, makes you look good doing it.

In a world where transportation is often an afterthought, or worse, a nuisance, the Pi-Pop offers something more. It's not just a way to get from point A to point B; it's a statement, a lifestyle, a silent but powerful manifesto on two wheels. So, are you ready to ride?


  1. Sustainability: With its super-capacitors that last 10 to 15 years and are recyclable, this bike is a nod toward environmental responsibility.
  2. Adaptive Electric Assistance: The Pi-Pop offers 24/7 electric assistance up to 25 km/h, adapting to various riding conditions—ideal for urban commuting.
  3. One-Size-Fits-Most: Its adjustable seat and stem make it versatile for people between 1.55m and 1.85m, reducing the hassle of finding the right size.
  4. Quality Components: With Michelin tires, Shimano gears, and TEKTRO disc brakes, the bike incorporates trusted brands for a reliable ride.
  5. Comfort: The Selle Royal Ellipse Relaxed saddle, equipped with 3D SkinGel padding, promises a comfortable journey, which is a boon for longer commutes.
  6. Fully Equipped: The bike comes with fenders and a seven-speed gear system, making it ready for diverse weather and riding conditions right off the bat.


  1. Price: At €2450, the Pi-Pop is certainly an investment. This might be a barrier for those on a budget or those new to e-biking.
  2. Weight: At 21.7 kg, the bike is on the heavier side, which might be a concern for people who need to carry it up stairs or for multi-modal commuting.
  3. Limited Color Options: Available only in white, the lack of color choices might not appeal to everyone’s aesthetic preferences.
  4. Battery Range and Speed Limit: While the 24/7 assistance is helpful, there’s no mention of the battery range. Also, the top speed of 25 km/h may not satisfy those looking for higher speed capabilities.
  5. Unique Size Frame: While the one-size-fits-most approach is practical, it may not cater to those outside the height range of 1.55m to 1.85m, making it less accessible for taller or shorter individuals.

In summary, the Pi-Pop seems like a solid choice for someone looking for a versatile, comfortable, and eco-friendly commuting option, provided they’re willing to invest in the upfront cost. On the flip side, those seeking a budget-friendly or highly customizable e-bike may need to look elsewhere.


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