Outbound Lighting Detour Bike Light: Illuminate Your Ride with Precision

Advanced lighting for night cycling

Embarking on a night ride? Imagine having a bike light that feels like you've harnessed the power of daylight right on your handlebars. The Outbound Lighting Detour Bike Light does just that. It's not just a light; it's a beacon of safety and clarity for every journey, whether it's on the road, gravel, or during your daily commute.

This light, proudly made in Chicago, Illinois, embodies the essence of thoughtful design and practicality. It's a fusion of sleekness and functionality, boasting a self-contained, USB-C rechargeable system. Gone are the days of bulky battery packs and the clutter of wires. Instead, you get a slim, pocket-friendly device that's a breeze to handle.

What sets the Detour apart is its exceptional beam pattern, refined to perfection. It doesn't just throw light; it carves a path of evenly distributed illumination, extending from the front of your tire to wherever your gaze leads. This light offers not just visibility but true clarity. The added sidemarker lights, akin to those on cars, enhance your visibility from the side, ensuring safety from all angles.

Mounting this light is as easy as it gets, thanks to its quick-release, fiberglass-reinforced nylon mount. Inspired by camera technology, it ensures your light stays pointed just where you need it. And for those who prefer a streamlined look, there's a custom mount solution that neatly fits under most bike computers.

The Detour is not just about lighting your path; it's about enhancing your night-riding experience. With around 1100-1200 lumens, you're getting a powerhouse of light in a compact package. The light's thermal conductive nylon material is a clever choice, providing durability and effective heat management without the weight of metal.

The light's user-friendliness extends to its operating modes, offering options like Adaptive, High, Medium, and Low, along with Daytime and Nighttime Flash. Its battery life is impressive, ensuring that you're not left in the dark on longer rides. And if you need more juice, the pass-through charging feature is a game changer, allowing charging while in use.

And let's not forget the support behind this product. With a three-year warranty and lifetime customer service support, helmed by real, dedicated people, you're not just buying a light; you're investing in peace of mind.

So, if you're someone who doesn't let the setting sun dictate your riding schedule, the Outbound Lighting Detour Bike Light is your ally. It's more than a bike light; it's a commitment to safe, enjoyable night rides, crafted with care and precision.


  1. Beam Quality: The light offers a highly refined beam pattern, providing even illumination from the front of the tire to the rider's field of vision.
  2. Side Marker Lights: These enhance lateral visibility, improving safety for side approaches.
  3. Integrated Battery: A self-contained, USB-C rechargeable battery eliminates the need for external battery packs.
  4. Easy Mounting System: Utilizes a quick-release mount inspired by camera equipment for stable and easy one-handed operation.
  5. Pass-Through Charging: This feature allows for charging while in use, which is particularly useful for long rides or 24-hour races.
  6. Material Quality: The use of thermally conductive nylon ensures durability and efficient heat dissipation.
  7. Light Weight: At 150g for the light head and 36g for the mount, it is quite lightweight.
  8. Customer Support: Comes with a three-year warranty and lifetime customer service support.
  9. Made in the USA: The light is designed and assembled in Chicago, IL, supporting domestic manufacturing.


  1. Price: At $185, it is on the more expensive end compared to some other bike lights on the market.
  2. Battery Life: While the battery is ample, the highest settings have relatively short runtimes, which may require frequent recharging on longer trips.
  3. No Metal Components: Some users might question the durability and premium feel typically associated with metal in the construction.
  4. Complexity for Casual Users: Despite its user-friendly design, the various modes and features might be more than a casual rider needs.
  5. Size for Portability: Although slim, some riders might find it a bit too large to comfortably fit in a pocket.
  6. Light Intensity: With 1100-1200 lumens, while sufficient for most conditions, it may not be the brightest option available for extremely dark environments.


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