ORUCK’s Rough Runners: The Ultra-Supportive Shoe with 3X Arch Protection

Robust, Supportive, Durable, Versatile, Inspired

Life is filled with challenges, with paths less traveled, with opportunities to embrace the hard stuff. The strenuous life, as Teddy Roosevelt so eloquently championed, isn't about taking it easy. It's about toil, effort, labor, and strife. It's about choosing the road that demands more from you and finding the triumph in the journey. And to embark on such a road, you need the right gear.

Enter the GORUCK Rough Runners.

These aren't your typical running shoes. These are a warrior's companions. Built for those who don't just run but run with weight, be it ruck weight or body weight. They offer ultra-support to all three arches in your foot, not just the main one like many other running shoes.

These Rough Runners are a blend of responsive cushioning and rebound for moving with momentum and providing the lateral stability required for intense physical training without injury. No marshmallow midsole that flattens with time here; instead, you'll find a custom Gradient Density™ EVA midsole uniquely formulated to maintain support over the long haul.

The Rough Runners have been put through the wringer at the 2023 GORUCK Games. Elite athletes' wear-testing of the prototype has offered insights that led to tangible improvements in the final product. And that's a mark of gear designed not just to look good but to perform under the most demanding circumstances.

The inspiration from Teddy Roosevelt, the original Rough Runner, isn't just a marketing gimmick. It's a call to action. It's an encouragement to live that strenuous life he preached. To be a Rough Runner is to choose the harder path, and these shoes are built to accompany you on that journey.

It's no surprise that running is the number one cause of injury in Special Forces, considering the demands of moving quickly with weight. The Rough Runners address this, providing an ultra-supportive platform specifically designed for the needs of those who take running to the next level.

And it's not all about rough and toughness. The Scars Lifetime Guarantee speaks volumes about the confidence in the product's durability. Plus, the 1% for those who serve shows a commitment not just to quality but to the community and those who have served the nation.

Whether it's running, ruck running, PT, sprints, marathons, or anything in between, the GORUCK Rough Runners are more than just footwear. They are a symbol of a lifestyle, a statement that you're ready to embrace the suck, and a reliable companion for those choosing the strenuous path.

Run fast, run strong, run with weight. Be a Rough Runner. Choose the harder path. The triumph is in the journey, and these shoes are built for it.


  1. 3X Support™: Designed to support all three arches in the foot, ensuring comprehensive support during strenuous activities.
  2. Versatility: Suitable for running, rucking, and training, making it a multi-purpose shoe for various physical activities.
  3. Ultra-Supportive Runners: Built specifically to withstand the exponential loads at impact of ruck running, ensuring the shoe's robustness and the wearer's safety.
  4. Long-Term Durability: With the Gradient Density™ EVA midsole, the shoe promises a balance of cushioning, rebound, and support over a longer duration than competitors.
  5. Product Testing: Elite athletes tested the prototype at the GORUCK Games, ensuring that feedback from real-world performance has been incorporated.
  6. Inspiration: Named after Teddy Roosevelt, embodying the spirit of a strenuous life and pushing boundaries.
  7. Injury Prevention: Addressing the high injury rate in Special Forces from running, the Rough Runners offer an ultra-supportive platform for heavy-impact activities.
  8. Scars Lifetime Guarantee: Assurance of quality and durability with GORUCK's guarantee, providing confidence in the product's longevity.
  9. Community Support: With 1% of annual top-line revenue donated to nonprofits, buying the shoe supports a broader cause, reinforcing a sense of community and service.


  1. Price Point: At $140, they might be on the higher end for some consumers, especially when comparing to other running shoes in the market.
  2. Specialized Design: While its design specifically caters to ruck running and intense training, it might be overkill for casual runners or those not engaged in heavy-weight training.
  3. Wear and Tear: Though they've been tested at the GORUCK Games, how they fare in varied terrains and under different conditions over extended periods remains to be seen.
  4. Weight: Given their robust build and support mechanisms, they might be heavier than typical running shoes, which could be a concern for some users.

Remember, the best shoe for someone always depends on their individual needs, preferences, and the specific activities they plan to engage in.


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