Orp Bike Horn and Light – Stay Safe in Traffic

Who needs a bell when you can have a loud horn on your bike? If you want to get people's attention the new dual tone, high-decibel bike horn, Orp, will certainly do that. It also packs in a front beacon light so you can be seen as well as heard.

The Orp mounts on you handlebar and with a simple push on the switch produces a loud sound (96 decibels) to alert other road users. But you don't want to be loud all the time; fortunately there's  soft mode to alert pedestrians or cyclist with a friendly 76-decibel chirp.

The two LED lights give out 87 lumens in either three modes: slow flash, fast flash, and fixed light. The LEDs are boosted up to 96 lumens when the loud 96-decibel horn is activated.

$45-$60 when it was available.

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