Orange Bikes Patriot LE 2024: Unleash Downhill Thrills!

Powerful, Controlled, Agile, Durable, Electrifying

The Orange Patriot, a revered name in the annals of Orange Bikes, makes a triumphant return, adorned with features and refinements reminiscent of its storied past yet unmistakably tailored for the contemporary ebike epoch. It’s a machine steeped in history, beckoning riders with the allure of its legendary lineage and the promise of electric-powered conquests on downhill trails.

Elegantly reviving the downhill trail blazer, the Patriot LE 2024 manifests with a zestful Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor under its belly, effortlessly unleashing 85 Nm of torque, primed for instant acceleration. The integration is so seamless, it feels like an extension of the rider's will, intuitively detecting your power input and cadence and modulating its assistance to create a harmonious dance with the trail.

This ebike offers a symphony of well-orchestrated components, with its Bosch motor and 750-Wh PowerTube battery neatly concealed within a monocoque frame of 6061-T6 aluminum. Its visage is further enhanced by a 12-speed Shimano gearset harmonizing with a SRAM NX Eagle chain, providing riders with a repertoire of gears to effortlessly navigate terrains that vary as widely as human emotions.

The bosom of this mechanical beast cradles a Fox Float X Performance trunnion shock, its body mounted low, whispering tales of stability and control. With 170 mm of travel at both ends, this shock works in tandem with a Fox Performance 38 Float suspension fork, offering riders a cushion against the ruggedness of the unpredictable trails, much like a well-penned poem offering solace in tumultuous times.

But, oh, there’s more to this delightful sonnet of steel and rubber. The new Patriot’s geometry is a calculated, precise stanza of angles and measurements, designed to offer you control whether you are ascending towards the sky or descending into the valley. With a head angle of 63°, a seat tube angle of 76°, the bike positions the rider squarely and balanced, providing perfect control in a variety of situations.

The canvas of the earth beneath is navigated with a pair of Maxxis Minion tires wrapping themselves around a mullet wheelset, with a 29-inch wheel leading the charge and a 27.5-inch following faithfully. The heightened bottom bracket clears the ground with an additional 5 mm compared to its brethren, the Switch 7, thus affording it just a tad more clearance and reducing the potential for those unanticipated and unwanted pedal strikes.

Furthermore, stopping is as crucial as surging forward, and the SRAM Guide RE hydraulic disc brakes understand this profound truth, offering decisive stopping power with 200-mm rotors acting as the unyielding hand of fate bringing things to a halt.

However, it’s not just about the components, impressive as they are. It’s about the heritage, the lineage, and the meticulous craftsmanship. Every Patriot frame is designed and constructed in Britain, with a warranty spanning five years and a limited lifetime crash replacement. And it’s not merely about riding; it’s a celebration of the sport, the thrill, and the unmistakable identity of being an Orange Bike rider.

The whisper of the wind, the call of the trail, and the allure of the downhill beckon, and the Patriot answers the call with electric zeal, precision engineering, and a reverence for its heritage. With the Orange Patriot LE 2024, the ride isn’t just about the destination; it’s an odyssey of power, control, and historical significance, echoing with the tales of the legendary Team Animal, the whispers of the alpine trails, and the silent hum of an electric motor powering through the tapestry of the wild. For those with the fire of adventure burning within, the Patriot awaits, ready to write new tales under the open sky.


  1. Powerful Motor: The Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor delivers an impressive 85 Nm of torque, ensuring quick acceleration and responsive riding on various terrains.
  2. Optimized Geometry: The bike features calculated angles and measurements, offering excellent control and stability for both climbing and descending rides.
  3. Mixed Wheelset: The mullet wheel configuration (29” front & 27.5” rear) provides a balance between fast rolling and agile handling, suitable for riders of different styles and preferences.
  4. Robust Battery: The 750-Wh PowerTube battery is not only powerful but also integrated seamlessly into the downtube, allowing for extended rides and easy charging access.
  5. Suspension System: With 170 mm of travel front and rear and the use of Fox Performance components, the Patriot provides comfort and control on rough trails.
  6. Durable Frame: The 6061-T6 monocoque aluminum frame ensures durability and strength while maintaining a lightweight structure.
  7. UK Craftsmanship: Designed and built in Britain, the bike comes with a 5-year frame warranty and limited lifetime crash replacement, ensuring long-term reliability and support.
  8. Technological Integration: The bike supports a companion mobile app, allowing for customization and tweaking of the assist modes for a personalized riding experience.
  9. Low Maintenance: Designed with concealed linkage bearings and easily replaceable components, the Patriot demands minimal maintenance.
  10. Ground Clearance: With an increased bottom bracket height, the bike minimizes pedal strikes on technical trails, offering smoother uphill climbs.


  1. High Cost: Priced at $9,900, the Patriot LE 2024 may be a significant investment for many potential buyers.
  2. Weight: Although not specified, electric mountain bikes, in general, are heavier than their non-electric counterparts, which might affect handling for some riders.
  3. Learning Curve: With its advanced features and technology, new e-bike riders may need some time to familiarize themselves with the Patriot’s functionalities.
  4. Battery Life Concerns: Although the battery is robust, the life of batteries diminishes over time and cycles, necessitating eventual replacement.
  5. App Subscription: Some features on the eBike Flow App may require a subscription, leading to additional costs for the user.
  6. Limited Appeal: The bike is primarily designed for gravity riders and might not appeal to or suit the needs of all types of cyclists.
  7. Aesthetic Limitations: For those not enamored by the unique ‘Orange' aesthetic and design, the bike’s appearance might not appeal to everyone’s taste.
  8. Aftermarket Modifications: For riders looking to make extensive modifications or use non-standard parts, compatibility with the unique frame and component set might be limiting.
  9. Limited Global Availability: While a plus in terms of quality, the UK-based manufacturing might limit availability or increase wait times in other parts of the world.
  10. Size Adjustments: Adjusting the bike to accommodate riders of different sizes and preferences might require additional investment in compatible components and professional fitting services.


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