On Cloudflash – On Running’s fastest shoe

On Running shoes are known for their “clouds” underneath the shoes, which give them the cushioning and comfort their users love.

They also have something called the speedboard, which translate landing impact into forward propulsion, ensures even energy distribution, avoids torsion without limiting freedom of movement, and supports the natural gait of your foot.

The On Cloudflash is the latest shoe to come out from the Swiss shoemaker. It got rid of the midsole so now the “clouds” are directly attached to the speedboard to make it more lightweight.

Also, the speedboard is now made of Pebax, a material that makes it load energy on impact and release on toe off. The upper uses nano-mesh supported by a skeletal structure to keep your foot where it should be. The nano-mesh doesn’t absorb water so when it gets in contact with water, it doesn’t get heavier.

The On Cloudflash won product of the year at the ISPO Award 2017 in the performance segment.

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