On Cloudflash – On Running’s fastest shoe

Lightweight. Speed. Precision. Responsive. Performance

If you've ever strapped on a pair of running shoes and hit the pavement, you understand the critical importance of a solid, reliable partner beneath your feet. Let me introduce you to a captivating piece of footwear engineering: the On Cloudflash.

Imagine a piece of apparel that doesn't just facilitate, but actively aids your motion, cradling your feet while propelling you forward. That's what the Cloudflash does. It's a testament to over four years of rigorous testing by some of the finest athletes in the world, crafted for the moments when every second is a showdown with yourself.

Underneath, the shoe boasts two layers of Helion™-powered CloudTec® cushioning, designed for both comfort and responsiveness. This is the kind of shoe that offers an intimate connection with the ground beneath your feet, even while reducing the jarring impacts that can slow you down or cause injury. It's all about balance – not too soft, not too hard.

It features a Carbon-fiber-infused Speedboard™ that delivers an invigorating, lively ride. It’s like a spring in your step, even when fatigue begins to grip you. The heel's been redesigned with the insight of champions like Javi Gomez. It's got a lower curve and molded padding, ensuring a snug, secure fit. Trust me, this thing is glued to your feet as you blitz past the cityscape.

The shoe is clad in a single layer of engineered mesh. It's ridiculously lightweight, highly breathable, and reacts to your movements. Add to that a no-sew support in the forefoot and metatarsal areas and you've got a shoe that's got your back—or rather, your foot—when you're nearing the end of your run and every step becomes a Herculean effort.

The Cloudflash also features an unconventional lacing system that's designed to lock your feet securely in place. Traction, too, has been given a serious thought – the newly designed pattern offers superior grip, even in the wet.

It's a shoe that screams speed and performance, tailored for track work and high-speed cross-city dashes, but it’s really at its best when it's time to race. The Cloudflash isn’t just a running shoe; it’s an extension of your ambition, a tangible representation of your determination to keep moving forward.

With a weight of just 210 grams, it’s impressively light, promising a run that feels unencumbered and free. It boasts a low level of cushioning, ideal for those seeking a faster, more responsive running experience.

And for those wondering about the heel-to-toe drop – it's a moderate 5mm. This means it's aimed at the midfoot and forefoot strikers among you, promising an energetic ride that balances propulsion and comfort.

The Cloudflash is built for road running, specifically for those times when you're seeking that exhilarating dash of speed. Its design encourages forward momentum, making each stride a burst of energy.

All in all, the On Cloudflash is a precision tool for the runner. It's an embodiment of performance, comfort, and style. If running is your game, then the Cloudflash is an invaluable asset, a trusted partner ready to carry you to the finish line. So, strap on a pair, step outside, and just let them chase.

The On Cloudflash won product of the year at the ISPO Award 2017 in the performance segment.

Pros of the On Cloudflash:

  1. Speed-focused design: The Cloudflash is specifically engineered for speed and performance, making it an excellent choice for track work and high-speed running.
  2. Lightweight construction: Weighing just 210 grams, the Cloudflash is impressively light, allowing for a more unencumbered and agile running experience.
  3. Responsive cushioning: The dual layers of Helion™-powered CloudTec® cushioning provide a balance of comfort and responsiveness, offering a smooth and energetic ride.
  4. Secure fit: The redesigned heel with a lower curve and molded padding ensures a secure and locked-in fit, reducing the risk of slippage or discomfort during intense runs.
  5. Breathable and reactive mesh: The engineered mesh upper is ultralight, highly breathable, and responsive, promoting airflow and foot movement for enhanced comfort.
  6. No-sew support: The no-sew support in the forefoot and metatarsal areas provides additional support and stability, particularly helpful during later stages of a race when fatigue sets in.
  7. Superior grip: The new traction pattern on the outsole offers excellent grip, even in wet conditions, providing confidence and stability during challenging runs.

Cons of the On Cloudflash:

  1. Limited cushioning: The Cloudflash is designed with low cushioning, prioritizing speed and responsiveness over extensive impact absorption. This may not be suitable for runners who prefer more cushioning and a softer landing feel.
  2. Specific running style: The shoe's design and features cater to midfoot and forefoot strikers, potentially limiting its suitability for heel strikers who may require a higher heel-to-toe drop and more cushioning in specific areas.
  3. Race-focused functionality: While the Cloudflash excels in racing scenarios, its specialization in speed may limit its versatility for everyday training or longer-distance runs that prioritize comfort and endurance over outright speed.
  4. Personal preference: Like any running shoe, the Cloudflash's suitability ultimately depends on personal preferences and individual running biomechanics. It is always recommended to try on shoes and consider personal comfort and fit before making a final decision.

Overall, the On Cloudflash stands out as a high-performance running shoe for speed enthusiasts, offering a lightweight, responsive, and secure experience. However, it may not be the ideal choice for runners seeking extensive cushioning or those with specific running styles.

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