Officina Battaglin’s Grand Tour: Limited Edition Masterpiece for Uncharted Exploration!

Exclusive, Comfortable, Adventurous, Handcrafted, Limited

The allure of the open road, with its promise of undiscovered landscapes and the freedom that comes from exploring them, is something deeply embedded in the soul of every adventurer. Officina Battaglin’s Grand Tour is not just a premium endurance steel road bike; it’s a handcrafted work of art designed for those who understand this allure, who crave the thrill of the journey just as much as the destination itself.

Let’s delve into its hypnotic, meticulously crafted frame, constructed with modern fillet-brazed steel and Columbus tubing. Each stroke, each bend in the frame whispers of hours spent by skilled artisans dedicated to their craft, conjuring a ride so smooth, so seamless, that it feels like an extension of oneself on the tarmac. The Grand Tour doesn’t just offer comfort; it promises an unparalleled experience for those rewarding, intoxicating days in the saddle.

The Grand Tour is subtle in its brilliance, with a paint scheme that reflects the simplicity of the open road yet commands attention. The signature cromovelato finish is not just a color but a depth, an emotion painted on the steel canvas in hues of red or blue, achieved through labor-intensive, painstaking processes. This results in a finish so reflective and deep that it doesn’t just catch the light; it seems to hold it, to play with it, creating a bike that isn’t just extraordinary to ride but breathtaking to behold.

But don't let its beauty fool you; this is a bike built for exploration. Its frame gracefully accommodates tires up to 35 mm wide, allowing for a seamless transition from the smooth kiss of the tarmac to the exhilarating challenge of light gravel backroads. This is a bike that encourages you to venture off the beaten path, to explore those hidden trails and uncover the unexpected gems that lie waiting to be discovered.

With only 50 custom frames available for 2023, each adorned with a numbered plate authenticating its bespoke origin, the Grand Tour isn't just a bike; it's an experience, a journey, a story waiting to be written with each turn of the pedal. From the first discussions regarding your specific preferences to the captivating photographs documenting the building process, Officina Battaglin is dedicated to crafting not just a bike, but a dream, a masterpiece tailored to the whims and desires of its rider.

Starting at €4,000, a custom Grand Tour frame isn’t just a purchase. It’s an investment in adventures yet to come, in journeys yet to be written, in the incomparable joy of riding something truly, undeniably, extraordinarily yours. With components such as a carbon fork, Deda Superzero carbon seatpost, handlebar, and Superbox stem, this is a steed prepared to accompany you further, deeper into the embrace of the unknown, allowing you to immerse in the unexplored with the trust and confidence only a faithful companion can provide.

So, for those who understand the call of the road, the joy of discovery, and the intoxicating thrill of the ride, the Officina Battaglin Grand Tour awaits. Here’s not just a bike, but a passport to adventure, to freedom, to the unending horizon stretching out before you, beckoning you to ride, to explore, to truly live.


  1. Handcrafted Quality: Constructed with a modern fillet-brazed steel frame and Columbus tubing, ensuring a high-quality, seamless ride.
  2. Unique Finish: The signature cromovelato finish, achieved through meticulous processes, offers an unparalleled aesthetic appeal.
  3. Versatility: Designed for both smooth tarmac and light gravel backroads with up to 35mm tire clearance.
  4. Limited Edition: Only 50 custom frames available for 2023, adding to its exclusivity.
  5. Customization: Personalized to the rider's preferences, from geometry to color.
  6. Communication: Officina Battaglin keeps customers informed with updates, photos, and direct communications throughout the building process.
  7. Certification: Each frame comes with a numbered plate for authenticity and a certificate signed by Giovanni Battaglin.
  8. Premium Components: Equipped with components like a carbon fork, Deda Superzero carbon seatpost, handlebar, and Superbox stem, ensuring a top-notch riding experience.


  1. Price Point: Starting at €4,000, it may be considered expensive for some consumers.
  2. Limited Availability: With only 50 frames available for 2023, interested buyers might miss out due to high demand.
  3. Maintenance: The cromovelato finish, while beautiful, might require extra care to maintain its luster and appearance.
  4. Customization Time: Personalized crafting can mean longer wait times for the end product compared to off-the-shelf bikes.

Starting €4,000

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