Oakley MUZM Racing Jacket: Limited Edition (Only 375 pairs available)

Iconic, performance, style, limited, Red-Tiger

If there's one thing that gets my adrenaline pumping, it's the perfect blend of performance and style. And let me tell you, the Oakley MUZM Racing Jacket is the embodiment of that. From the moment I laid eyes on its Red Tiger colorway, it was clear that these glasses were born to make a statement, both on and off the track.

As an adrenaline junkie myself, I appreciate the thought that has gone into making these performance eyewear pieces not only look the part but also play the part. The Prizm Lens Technology ensures unparalleled visual clarity, making it easier to focus on what lies ahead, no matter where your adventures take you. And the jacket-like coverage? Genius. It's like a protective armor for your face, ensuring that even as you push your limits, your eyes are well-protected.

The unique ventilation design of the Racing Jacket is a game-changer, too. I've always found that better airflow management is crucial when it comes to eyewear, especially during those heart-pounding, sweat-drenched moments. The Unobtainium nosepads and earsocks are like the cherry on top, guaranteeing a secure and comfortable fit, no matter how wild things get.

To me, the Oakley MUZM Racing Jacket is a testament to the brand's ability to honor its iconic past while staying relevant in today's world. The limited edition serialized nature of this release, along with the premium collector's box, just goes to show how Oakley knows how to make its fans feel special.

In conclusion, the Oakley MUZM Racing Jacket is a beautiful fusion of art, performance, and nostalgia. It's an essential gear for those who crave a life lived on the edge, and I can't wait to see people unleash their inner Red Tiger with these unique, head-turning glasses. Remember, there are only 375 pairs available, so don't miss your chance to own a piece of history. Happy hunting!


  1. Iconic design: The Oakley MUZM Racing Jacket boasts a unique, eye-catching Red Tiger colorway, making it a fashion statement while also providing top-notch performance.
  2. Prizm Lens Technology: This feature enhances visual clarity, allowing wearers to experience better vision on trails, tracks, and roads.
  3. Jacket-like coverage: The Racing Jacket provides additional protection and coverage for the face, similar to how a jacket covers the body.
  4. Ventilation: The glasses offer extreme ventilation for better airflow management, making them suitable for high-intensity activities and reducing the likelihood of fogging.
  5. Comfort and fit: The Unobtainium nose pads and earsocks ensure that the glasses stay securely in place and fit comfortably, even during intense activity.
  6. Limited edition: As a part of Oakley's MUZM series, only 375 serialized versions of the Racing Jacket are available, making them a unique collector's item.
  7. Premium collector's box: The glasses come in a high-quality collector's box, adding to their desirability and appeal for enthusiasts.


  1. Limited availability: With only 375 pairs available, some interested buyers might miss out on the opportunity to own a pair of these limited-edition glasses.
  2. Price: As a premium, limited-edition product, the Oakley MUZM Racing Jacket might come with a higher price tag compared to regular eyewear, potentially making it less accessible for some consumers.
  3. Niche appeal: The bold Red Tiger colorway might not suit everyone's taste or style preferences, limiting the product's appeal to a specific demographic.
  4. Not for everyday use: Due to their sporty design and specialized features, the Racing Jacket might not be suitable for everyday wear or non-sports-related activities.
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