norda 001 G+ Spike Winter trail shoes

Superior thermoregulation

As the name suggests, the norda 001 G+ Spike Trail Shoes have spikes, 20 carbide-tipped steel spikes to be exact, built into the the outsole for gripping onto icy surfaces in winter. It features an upper made of Dyneema, a extremely light fiber that's stronger than steel at the molecular level.

The Dyneema upper is also lined with G+ Graphene membrane, a light and strong material that's known to be the best conductor of heat and electricity known to man. The Graphene as well as the shoe's breathability aids in thermoregulation to keep the foot at a comfortable temperature whatever the surrounding conditions.

Addtionally, the norda x Vibram outsole and midsole for traction and cushioning makes the norda 001 G+ Spike Trail Shoes and superb option for winter trail running or hiking.

Note: The spikes are non-removable and should only be worn outdoors. Non-spike versions are also available.

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