Norco Fluid VLT: Revolutionizing e-MTB with Advanced Ride Aligned™ Design System

Norco's Customizable, Versatile e-MTB

We're here to explore the realm of mountain biking, and the journey takes us into the embrace of Norco and its majestic offering – the 2023 Fluid VLT. This isn't your usual set of wheels. It's a testament to a vision – a vision of traversing unforgiving terrains, meandering through the heart of nature, where the thrill of adventure meets the solace of solitude. This isn't merely about speed or power, but a synchrony of both – something that can handle the harshest trails yet move with a ballet dancer's grace.

With a sturdy heart of hydroformed aluminum and a spirit fine-tuned for the trails, this ride is designed for those who don't just live life but experience it, one rev at a time. The Fluid VLT promises 140mm of suspension travel up front and 130mm in the back, perfect for that last-minute trail dash or for chasing the sun over the next hill. The magic lies in its bespoke design, shaping itself around the rider, rather than the other way around. It’s designed with Norco’s exclusive Ride Aligned™ Design System, which offers rider-first geometry and precision suspension kinematics, resulting in an unbeatable personalized performance from the get-go.

Yet, what truly makes this bike stand out is its sense of adaptability. It lets you determine your journey's tempo, offering custom-select battery capacities from 540Wh, 720Wh, and the mammoth 900Wh, providing the perfect balance between agility and endurance. A lighter weight for zippy laps or an industry-leading range for an epic adventure – you pick your path.

The bike's electric spirit, fueled by the state-of-the-art Bosch Performance Line SX system, lies cocooned within its durable frame. It's this system that puts the ‘E' in E-MTB trail riding, injecting your journey with an electrical boost to go faster, further. But don't mistake its power for a lack of finesse. With the Fluid VLT, you'll be mesmerized by the confidence in your turns, the unerring precision of your chosen lines, the suspension's silent absorption of every jolt, and the uninterrupted focus on the trail ahead.

Norco's Fluid VLT is not just a bike, it's an extension of you – of your ambition, of your thirst for adventure, and of your indomitable spirit. It's designed to fit better than ever, taking into account your unique dimensions, rider position, and body type. Its tack-sharp handling is a result of nearly a decade of engineering ingenuity, and when coupled with custom-engineered Ride Aligned™ suspension, it provides consistent, confident control even through the roughest terrains.

A peek under the hood reveals e-certified forks and robust 29” wheels with grippy tires and supportive sidewalls, custom-selected for the rigours of E-MTB Trail riding. In its heart, it features the brand-new Bosch Performance Line SX system, the lightest motor and battery combo in Bosch’s Performance Line of e-bike systems. The choice of battery size also means whether you're in for speedy laps or an epic adventure, you've got a trusty steed that will serve you tirelessly.

In summary, the 2023 Norco Fluid VLT isn't just a bike. It's an instrument of exploration, a vehicle of adventure, a companion on a journey of self-discovery. For the trail-blazers, the thrill-seekers, the adrenaline junkies – this is your ticket to a world where every ride is an unforgettable story, every hill a new challenge, and every sunset a medal of honor. So, grab the handlebars, gear up, and ride on.


  1. Advanced Ride Aligned™ Design System: This bike is built using Norco's exclusive design system that creates rider-first geometry and precision suspension kinematics. This ensures the bike fits perfectly for your unique height, weight, skill level, and body type. It's like riding a bike built just for you.
  2. Lightweight and Robust: It’s impressive how they've constructed a high-performance, durable bike that doesn't skimp on being lightweight. The hydroformed aluminum frame speaks to its sturdiness while maintaining a stylish outlook.
  3. Customizable Battery Capacity: This is quite a unique feature. Riders can choose from 540Wh, 720Wh, or the massive 900Wh battery capacity, depending on their riding style and needs. This gives you a real choice between lighter weight for faster laps or bigger range for those long epic adventures.
  4. Versatile Suspension: With 140mm of suspension travel up front and 130mm in the back, the Fluid VLT caters to a variety of trails. You get a confident ride, whether it's an extra lap before sundown or a journey over the next hill.
  5. Bosch Performance Line SX System: The bike is equipped with the latest e-bike system from Bosch. Known for being the lightest in their Performance Line of e-bike systems, this ensures you have reliable support, adding to the bike's overall efficiency.
  6. Easily Removable Battery: The battery encased in the downtube can be removed with just one tool for charging on and off the bike, making it highly convenient.
  7. Customized App-based Assistance: The bike comes with an app-based assistant to tune your fit and optimize your suspension setup based on your unique body makeup and riding style.
  8. Robust Components: The Fluid VLT has e-certified forks and sturdy 29” wheels with grippy tires. These features have been handpicked for the rigors of E-MTB trail riding.


  1. Price and Availability: As of now, there's no clear announcement about the bike's pricing and its availability isn't expected until Spring 2024. This could potentially make planning a purchase more difficult for some riders.
  2. Not Ideal for All Types of Riding: Although it is a versatile mountain bike, it may not be the best choice for those who prefer flat or urban terrains.
  3. Weight May Vary: Depending on the build options and battery size chosen, the weight of the bike could increase, which may not suit all riders.
  4. Battery Charge Time: While the removable battery feature is convenient, the actual time it takes to fully charge the battery is not specified. Longer charge times could be a potential downside for some.
  5. Dependent on the App: With much of the custom tuning relying on the app-based assistant, those who are less tech-savvy or prefer not to rely heavily on digital tools may find it challenging to make the most of their bike.
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