Nike Ultrafly Trail: First Nike-Vibram Collaboration Unleashes a Trailblazing Masterpiece

Innovative, Lightweight, Durable, Grippy, Performance-Boosting

Imagine you're about to embark on a pilgrimage, stepping into the unknown, embracing the rugged trails and natural obstacles of the world. But this journey, though daunting, becomes a thrilling adventure when you lace up the Nike ‘Ultrafly Trail.'

This is not just another pair of shoes. It's a testament to human ingenuity and the constant pursuit of perfection. The partnership of Nike Running and Vibram, two titans of their respective domains, is as exciting as fusion cuisine, marrying disparate elements to create something entirely new, and dare I say, groundbreaking.

The Ultralfy Trail is a concoction of speed, endurance, and innovation, perfectly tailored for those who find their Zen conquering trails and pushing their own boundaries. Its meticulously crafted features bring to mind the precision of a perfectly balanced dish, where every ingredient has a purpose and contributes to the overall experience.

The carbon Flyplate, an innovation previously unseen in Nike Trail Running, nestled within the midsole, lends a resilience and bounce to each step. It's like the hidden kick of spice in a dish that you didn't see coming, but keeps you going back for more.

The Ultrafly Trail’s Vibram outsole, the first of its kind on a Nike shoe, provides grip even in the most challenging terrains. The lighter, slimmer construction, like a carefully filleted piece of fish, trims away the excess without sacrificing the essence. The sticky rubber and chevron lug pattern ensure you stay firm-footed whether you're ascending steep climbs or descending treacherous slopes, much like a trusty companion guiding you through an unknown city.

The midsole fabric wrap acts as a shield against the elements and the wear and tear of the trail, ensuring these shoes stand the test of time, like a well-aged cheese or a vintage wine.

And of course, comfort is key. The breathability of the Vaporweave mesh is as refreshing as a breeze on a humid day, while the foam midsole cushions each step, much like sinking your teeth into a fluffy soufflé.

At $250, the Nike Ultrafly Trail is a commitment. But for the intrepid trailblazer, the thrill-seeker, the outdoor enthusiast, it's an investment that's worth every cent. This isn't just a shoe, it's a passport to exploration, a tool for discovery, a testament to human spirit and ingenuity. As with any epic journey, the right equipment can make all the difference, and the Ultrafly Trail promises to be a worthy companion for those wild, exhilarating moments when you conquer nature's playground.


  1. Collaboration with Vibram: This partnership brings Vibram's expertise in outsole technology to a Nike shoe for the first time, promising improved traction and durability.
  2. Weight Reduction: With Vibram's Litebase technology, the Ultrafly Trail manages to trim 30% of the sole's weight, which could result in less fatigue during long trail runs.
  3. Innovative Midsole Construction: The combination of a carbon Flyplate, ZoomX foam, and a fabric-wrapped midsole offers a balance of responsiveness, cushioning, and protection.
  4. Versatile Traction: The Vibram outsole and chevron lug pattern provide grip on both uphill climbs and downhill descents, even in wet conditions, making it a versatile choice for various terrains.
  5. High Breathability and Cushioning: The Vaporweave mesh upper and foam midsole contribute to a comfortable and breathable ride.


  1. Price: At $250, the Ultrafly Trail is on the pricier side, which may deter some buyers.
  2. Limited Testing: Being a new model, it lacks the extensive real-world testing and user feedback that some other models have, which might be a risk for some.
  3. Specific Use: Given its design and features, it might be more suited to trail running than casual wear or road running.
  4. Bulkiness: Despite the weight reduction, some users might still find the shoe a bit bulkier than traditional running shoes due to the additional features for trail running.
  5. Fabric Wrapped Midsole: While it adds protection, some may not like the aesthetic of the fabric-wrapped midsole, and it may accumulate dirt and grime over time.


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