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Navigating the tangled, unpredictable urban jungle or the sprawling, serene landscapes on two wheels requires not just skill but also a profound awareness of one’s surroundings, as well as an intimate understanding of the rhythm of one’s own body in motion. But as the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows between skyscrapers or trees, even the most seasoned cyclist can find themselves yearning for something that simplifies the complicated dance of man, machine, and road. Enter the Lawk One AR Glasses – the sidekick you might not have realized you were missing, but won’t know how you lived without once you've encountered them.

The Lawk One AR Glasses are meticulously designed by the Hong Kong startup, Lawk, with the solitary rider in mind, subtly whispering in their ear like a cautious, caring friend, providing vital information without the need for a glance away from the asphalt ribbon unfolding ahead. These glasses don’t just shield your eyes with their UV380 lenses blocking the relentless ultraviolet rays; they also serve as a seamless conduit of information, projected on microLED displays, right into your line of sight. This ingenious piece of technology ensures that details such as speed, distance, elapsed time, and calories burned are always within your peripheral vision, a constant dance of numbers and stats that let you understand, in real time, the poetry of your own movement.

What truly distinguishes the Lawk One, however, is its commitment to the sort of delicate balance required when speeding down a hill at the golden hour, wind whipping past, with the road a blur beneath. The dual-lens display ensures that the vibrant digital tapestry unfurling before your eyes doesn't induce the disorienting sensation of vertigo. The symphony of information is presented in a way that is instinctive, unintrusive.

While engulfed in the ambient sounds of the city or nature, the subtle beats of your favorite tune can accompany your journey through open-air speakers, providing a soundtrack to the novel written with each pedal stroke. If a call comes through, or if a command needs to be whispered to the electronic ether, the glasses are listening, ready to execute your verbal wishes with the help of ChatGPT integration.

If you’re moved by the vistas unfolding around you, or simply wish to capture the silent narrative of your journey, the glasses come equipped with a camera that shoots in 4K, with the option to take 8MP still photos, ready to chronicle every twist, turn, and triumphant ascent without the need to fumble for a separate device. The story of your adventure is ready to be shared, with data and visuals intertwined in a digital tapestry of exertion and exhilaration.

In a world inundated with devices, each promising to add value to our lives but often only adding to the cacophony, the Lawk One AR Glasses make a compelling case for themselves. They offer not just utility but an enhancement of the experience of movement, the joy of cycling, with technology serving as a quiet, efficient assistant rather than a distraction. With a respectable 6 to 8 hours of runtime on a single charge and a lightweight, water-resistant design, they stand as a silent, steadfast companion for those who find solace, joy, and perhaps themselves, on the road. For an investment of $349 on their ongoing Kickstarter, this might be the silent partner in your adventures that you've been waiting for. The dance of light, road, and wheels awaits, and with the Lawk One, it promises to be a journey worth taking.


  1. Comprehensive Functionality: The glasses offer a myriad of features, consolidating many functions into a single device, like real-time data display, navigation, music, calling, and photography.
  2. Lightweight Design: Weighing just 80 grams (2.3 oz), the glasses won’t be burdensome during prolonged use, making them ideal for outdoor activities.
  3. UV Protection: With UV380 lenses, users are shielded from 99.9% of harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.
  4. Customizable Lenses: The product offers versatility, allowing users to swap the original lenses with prescription ones if needed.
  5. Binocular Waveguide Display: The glasses employ a dual-lens display system that doesn't induce vertigo, addressing common issues with AR displays.
  6. Wireless Connectivity: Easy integration with iOS and Android devices as well as third-party peripherals via Bluetooth allows for a seamless user experience.
  7. Voice Commands and Assistance: Integration with ChatGPT allows for hands-free operation and voice commands, which is convenient for on-the-go users.
  8. Capturing Capabilities: The integrated camera is capable of shooting stabilized 4K video and 8MP photos, making it easy to capture moments without additional devices.
  9. Durable Battery: With up to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge, the glasses provide sufficient power for extended outdoor activities.
  10. Splash-Resistant: The water-resistant feature makes these glasses suitable for various weather conditions.


  1. Price: At a retail price of $499 (or $349 on Kickstarter), the Lawk One AR Glasses might be considered expensive by some potential buyers.
  2. Dependency on Smart Devices: The glasses need to be linked to a smartphone for full functionality, which may not appeal to users looking for a standalone device.
  3. Battery Life Variability: While they offer 6 to 8 hours of usage, battery life may vary based on the functions utilized, potentially requiring users to recharge during the day.
  4. Learning Curve: With a multitude of features, users might need time to familiarize themselves with the operation and navigation of the glasses.
  5. Durability Concerns: Although splash-resistant, the durability of the glasses under various strenuous outdoor conditions is not entirely clear.
  6. Limited Availability: As a Kickstarter project, there might be risks associated with production and delivery delays, as well as potential differences between the promised and final product.
  7. Aesthetic Appeal: Style and design are subjective; hence, the glasses may not appeal to all users visually.
  8. Potential Distractions: The wealth of information provided during use, if not managed properly, could serve as a distraction rather than an aid for users, particularly while navigating through traffic or tricky terrains.
  9. Limited User Feedback: Being a new product, there are limited reviews and feedback from actual users to validate the manufacturer’s claims.

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